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Byeong-hun "cCarter" Choi
Former Head Coach, SK Telecom T1
Byeong-hun “cCarter” Choi is a star coach in League of Legends who has managed to hold up the renowned and ever sought-after Summoner’s Cup on 3 different occasions.

He began his coaching career with StarCraft back in 2008 and has stayed in the hub of Korean Esports for over 10 years. No one can imagine the pain and burdens he has had to bear in order to make the world’s best team rise up from their humble beginnings.

How did he unite players with raw potential and guide them to the very top? That is what he is here to tell us.
- Byeong-Hun 'cCarter' Choi: The Virtuoso Who Guided the Legendary SKT T1 Prepares for a New Challenge
  • Place
    Crystal Cove Auditorium
    14:30 ~ 16:00

    More Than Culture: How Korea Is Fostering the Next Generation of Fakers

    Anyone and everyone knows that Korea is leading the forefront of the Esports Market: they have been for 20 years. However, can they truly explain why? Instead of just accepting that “Koreans are better at Esports” this panel serves to explain the specific and exact techniques that coaches in Korea use to turn young gamers into international champions.

    Learn from four indisputability successful Esports coaches that have managed players and teams in the most competitive environments imaginable. They’ve felt the pressure, lived through defeats, celebrated victories and now they have come to the US to share techniques Korea is currently using to create the next generation of Fakers

    Crystal Cove Auditorium
    14:30 ~ 16:00
    • Byeong-hun "cCarter" Choi
    • Sang-yong Han
    • Yeon-sung "iloveoov" Choi
    • Yun-sang Choi
    • Susie Kim