Lost Ark Fresh Level 50 guide: What to do when you're max level


So you’ve reached Level 50 in Lost Ark. Congratulations! Now that you've done it, you're ready to enter the endgame. This portion is even more exciting, entertaining, and challenging than anything you’ve experienced in Lost Ark so far. You can now participate in Chaos Dungeons, earn your Awakening Skill, hone your gear, and explore more of the vast system of islands around Arkesia. 


Let’s take a look at some of the things you should do once you hit Level 50. 

Continue the main storyline

Continuing the main storyline of Lost Ark is important in the leveling process. It will help you acquire even more powerful gear than you currently possess. The town of Vern will be your main hub. Once there, you should follow the local story quests in order to unlock the gear honing system. Ultimately, this will help you acquire gear level 302 which will set you up nicely for the endgame Chaos Dungeons. 


While you’re in Vern be sure to set it as a point of return so you can easily travel back as this will be your main hub to join Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids.

Abyssal Dungeons

After the main story quests are complete and you reach North Vern, you can look to tackle the Abyssal Dungeons by following the Blue World notifications. They can be done once per week and offer excellent rewards. Keep in mind, they can be troublesome if you don’t pay attention to the level requirements. If you have a group of friends at a similar level, it’s best to complete the Abyssal Dungeons with them. If successful, you’ll see rewards in gold and upgrade mats.

Awakening Skills

Awakening Skills are an ultra strong ability that you can only obtain once you hit level 50. By meeting Beatrice at Trixion, you can access this quest line. You can use the Song of Trixion to travel quickly to the destination and start knocking out these tasks immediately. Awakening Skills are essential in making sure you see the full potential of your class. You’ll be able to unlock two of these skills in total. The first questline is fairly simple, while the second is more complicated because it acts as a walkthrough of the endgame as a whole.  

Completing your dailies

Dailies consist of daily Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and Una’s Tasks. You’ll access these challenges once you finish the main story line and achieve your Awakening skill. They’re called dailies because they can only be completed a certain amount of times per day or per week. 

Chaos Dungeons

These are endgame battles where you’ll set off into a dungeon tasked with eliminating large mobs of creatures and mini bosses in a timed battle. Usually, they only take a couple of minutes. There are three tiers in total, with T3 offering the highest level of rewards. You can do two runs per character, per day. Along with receiving actual weapons and armor, you’ll also receive gems, which can be used for upgrades as well. 

Guardian Raids

Guardians Raids are similar to Chaos Dungeons, but instead of wiping out mobs, you’ll be tasked with defeating a single Guardian Boss. The challenges are tough, but the rewards are sweet. If you’re able to master your character’s mechanics, you’ll be able to make your way through some of the highest tier bosses. You’ll be rewarded with Ability Stones, accessories, and more upgrade materials. These PVE raids can be completed solo or in groups up to four. 

Una’s Tasks

Gold is highly valuable in Lost Ark’s endgame and completing Una’s Tasks will grant you hoards of it. Gold allows you to purchase upgrades for your gear along with valuable battle items at the auction house. All this will come in handy for both Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons. You can find Una’s Tasks in your Adventure tab where you’ll see daily and weekly challenges, most of which require you to pick up an item or defeat a few minor creatures.

Honing your gear 

Lost Ark’s endgame is all about upgrading your kit. Each item you own has an item level and if that isn’t high enough, you won’t be able to partake in some of the most exciting dungeons. The gear honing system allows you to use the rewards you receive from quests to upgrade your armor and weapons. Harmony Leapstones, Harmony Shards, and Stone Fragments are the three items you’ll need to focus on obtaining in the early stages of gear honing. This list will expand to Destruction Stones, Stone Fragments, and more once you level up. 


To acquire these items you’ll mainly need to complete Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids. However, you can also set out on island quests if you prefer more exploration. Island hopping takes time but offers big rewards when it comes to upgrade materials.


If you’re a fan of the Stronghold aspect of Lost Ark, your character can truly benefit from its rewards. As your home base of operations, you can rely on your crew to sell you essential tools and weapons, such as potions and bombs, to take down the fiercest bosses in the endgame. While the Stronghold may not seem like the most interesting part of Lost Ark, you can really use it to your advantage if you’re a serious endgame grinder. Completing research in the Lab will let you consistently upgrade your crafting abilities while the Workshop will allow you to make consumables. Bombs and Potions in particular are extremely valuable in dungeon raids. Stronghold is also where your crew will be stationed. Believe it or not, you can direct them to complete Chaos Dungeons and Guardians Raids without you. This is the ultimate way to maximize your endgame efficiency. 


Thanks for reading our Level 50 Guide! We hope you enjoy exploring the exciting endgame opportunities around Arkesia. 

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