A look into KR Server's class balance patch notes: Part 2 — Gunners, Mages, and Assassins

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There have been class balance updates on the Korean servers of Lost Ark. The balance changes may not be available immediately on the global servers, but players can get a glimpse of what may happen in the near future.


Lost Ark opened their test server with a myriad of balance changes for all classes about two weeks ago. There were both positive and negative reactions to the changes from members of the game's community, and the development team took all the feedback into consideration when creating the new update.


Here are the balance changes on the KR server, including some insight from the development team as to why the changes took place:


*Note: Unavailable classes on the global servers are excluded.




Enforce Execution

- Head Attack from the upper kick removed


Quick Shot

- Push back distance decreased when selecting the Final Light tripod (3-1 tripod, name pending) 


Cruel Tracker

- Push back distance after final shot decreased


Clay Bombardment

- Attack hits between the visualization and the Deadeye



Hand Gunner

- Enhanced damage for Lv. 2 and Lv. 3


Developer’s Comments

Enhanced Weapon Deadeyes have been dealing very high average damage in top-tier content. This is what had been intended as the Deadeye should be a class that can deal the most damage depending on the player’s proficiency. As for Hand Gunner Deadeyes, it was still slightly underwhelming, so we buffed the damage. However, the push back distance made it inconvenient when transitioning to shotgun skills, so we made additional adjustments.




PVE normal skill damage enhanced


Gatling Gun

- Back attack effect removed



- Back attack effect removed


Gravity Explosion

- Back attack effect removed


Homing Barrage

- Stagger changed from High to Lowest


Air Raid

- Stagger changed from High to Lowest

- Additional damage to Challenger or higher monsters added to Flame Bombardment tripod


Multiple Rocket Launcher

- Stagger changed from Mid-High to High

- Flame Rocket tripod changed to enhanced damage

Napalm Shot

- Head Attack effect removed

- Stagger changed from Mid-High to Highest



- Stagger changed from Lowest to High


Forward Barrage

- Counter Attack effect added


Awakening Skills

Heavy Turret

- Additional HP during PVEs



- Mobility skills can be used during Barrage Mode, Barrage Mode deactivated when using mobility skills

- Barrage Mode can be deactivated while being Silenced

- Time Stop potion, Camouflage Robe, Shiny Camouflage Robe (Item name pending) can be used in Barrage Mode

- When entering the 3rd level, an extra gauge has been added to show buff duration time


Specialty Skills

- Bombardment: Howitzer cooldown reduced

- Bombardment: Focus Fire range increased, attack speed increased, attack duration decreased


Developer’s Comments

Artillerists had to go through inconvenient issues while working on certain contents due to the limits of the Barrage Mode, so we made some adjustments to improve that. Also, the Stagger values were adjusted so that Artillerists can deal with monsters that change patterns when their Stagger meter is filled. As for Artillerists who use the Firepower Enhancement engraving, the damage was rather low, so the damage of some skills was enhanced. Some tripods were buffed, and Bombardment skills were improved.




Deadly Slash

- Head Attack effect removed



- Head Attack effect removed


Atomic Arrow

- Part Break Level 1 effect added


Charged Shot

- Part Break Level 1 changed to Level 2


Sharp Shooter

- Focus Shot tripod changed from enhanced crit damage to enhanced damage


Blade Storm

- “Hawk Meter gauge recovery whenever using skill when selecting the Shadow Dance tripod” added to tooltip



- Easy Prey crit rate increased, enhanced crit damage changed to enhance damage


Awakening Skills

Fenrir’s Messenger

- When overcharged, the Hawk Meter is recovered by 100%, when charge isn’t finished, the Hawk Meter is recovered by 25%

- Hawk Meter recovery doesn’t get affected by Specialization



Hawk Meter natural recovery increased in PVEs



Death Strike

- Damage increased


Loyal Companion

- Hawk Meter recovery decreased


Developer’s Comments

We adjusted the structure of supplying the Hawk Meter and changed the engravings’ performance, but the combat difficulty got higher, and the skill cycle didn’t work properly in certain setups during the test server. So we rolled the Blade Dance skill back to before the test server and readjusted the performance of the Death Strike Sharpshooter. For Loyal Companion Sharpshooters, the damage was lower than expected, so we improved it so that it can gain additional effects while having the Silverhawk summoned.




Mobile Shot

- Additional time to reuse skill


Overcharged Battery

- Added Part Break Level 1

- Fighting Spirit Enhancement tripod changed from On explosion hit to On hit

- Weak Point Enhancement tripod changed to Ranged Throw


High Voltage Bullet

- Attack type changed from Head Attack to Back Attack



- Skill cooldown reduced

- PVE damage increased

- PVP damage decreased

- Battery charge decreased

- Added Counter effect to the rush motion

- Weak Point Detection tripod changed to Battery Charge

- Quick Preparation tripod changed to Weak Prey Shot

- Zero Degree Aim tripod Enhanced Crit Rate changed to Enhanced Damage to single target


Command: Carpet

- Cooldown increased

- Drone range decreased

- Drone speed increased

ㄴ When using the Precision Barrage tripod, the drone speed is the same

- PVE damage increased

- PVP damage increased

- Battery usage increased

- Battery Discharge tripod changed to Battery Saving Mode


Annihilation Mode

- PVE damage increased

- Weak Point Detection tripod changed to Battery Saving Mode


Energy Buster

- PVE damage increased




Comet Strike

- Skill action speed increased, connection time adjusted


Laser Blade

- Added Part Break Level 1


Developer’s Comments

Arthetinean Skill Machinists are supposed to use their skills constantly. However, some skills weren’t usable with drone skills, and the battery consumption was high compared to the damage, so we increased the damage. The moving distance of the Carpet skill was too long, so the damage difference against small monsters and large monsters was too big. We improved the skill to deal the intended amount of damage against small monsters so that it can compete with the Flare Beam skill. For the Avalanche skill, we added a counter effect to the first hit and adjusted some tripod effects.




- Attack type changed from Head Attack to Back Attack



- PVE damage increased

- Kill Confirmation tripod changed from enhanced crit rate to foes with 50% or less HP to enhanced damage to all foes and extra enhanced damage to foes with 50% or less HP


Bullet Rain

- PVE damage increased

- PVP damage decreased

- Ambush tripod damage decreased

- Vital Point Shot tripod changed to In a Tight Spot

- Flame Shot tripod enhanced crit damage changed to enhanced damage



Time to Hunt

- Crit rate increased


Developer’s Comments 

The Time to Hunt engraving was to provide an easier play experience than Peacemaker, but the Bullet Rain tripod forced a specific position, and the play difficulty was higher than intended. We changed the tripods for Bullet Rain and adjusted the tripod of Catastrophe, which is one of the main skills, so that the gameplay would get easier for Time to Hunt Gunslingers and for them to deal the amount of damage intended.




Prelude of Storm

- Counter attack effect added


Sound Shock

- Sacred Shock tripod mark time increased



- Brilliant Stigma tripod mark time increased


Note Bundle

- Sacred Note tripod mark time increased


Harp of Rythm

- Note Brand tripod mark time increased


Rhapsody of Light

- Note Brand tripod mark time increased


Developer’s Comments

It has been becoming harder and harder to maintain the mark for Bards as the combat environment changed. Taking this into consideration, we increased the mark time.




Ice Shower

- Counter Attack effect added



- Attack type changed from Head Attack to Back Attack



Arcane Rupture damage decreased to monsters

Arcane Torrent damage decreased to monsters


Developer’s Comments

Our initial plan for the Igniter Sorceress was to have them deal massive damage in a short period. Although this was our initial intention, the damage is rather excessive now. To adjust this, we slightly decreased the specialty values.



Earth Cleaver

- Head Attack removed




- Damage decreased


Developer’s Comments

The damage of Surge Deathblades has increased steadily as players researched different skill trees. Currently, Deathblades are recording the most damage in the endgame contents, so we adjusted the performance of the Surge engraving. We will be adjusting the Surge Deathblades as we move forward so that it can be utilized in many ways.


Shadow Hunter

Movement Skills


- Distance increased




- Counter Attack effect added


Grind Chain

- Quick Preparation tripod changed to Amplified Damage


Demonic Slash

- Movement distance increased

- When the skill is used slantly to monsters, the skill will now move past monsters without colliding

- Excellent Mobility tripod changed to Amplified Damage


Rising Claw

- Attack type changed from Head Attack to Back Attack



- Cooldown reduced

- PVP/PVE damage decreased

- Mana consumption reduced

- Quick Preparation tripod changed to Amplified Damage

- Scream of Fury tripod effect changed from enhanced damage to foes from all party members to enhanced damage from self on targets on Fear


Ruin Rush

- “Foes hit by attack take extra damage from enemies” added


Death Claw

- Head Attack removed

- “Foes hit by attack take extra damage from enemies” added


Developer’s Comments

There were a lot of inconveniences for Shadowhunters as they had to Demonize, so we adjusted the party synergies for the class. For the Perfect Suppression engraving, the balance was adjusted. 

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