Bloody Fist

Bloody Fist

Legendary Adventurer's Tome Specialty

  • Binds Roster when obtained

  • A distilled spirit-based cocktail that's balm to the souls of Feiton's Delains.
    Its base is a very strong distilled spirit called Wood Blood that's made from fermented tree fruits.
    The name, Wood Blood, was coined from its vivid red color derived from the tree barks and herbs added to the filtration device during its distillation process.

    Wood Blood in itself is good alcohol, save the pungent herb smell that can be repulsive to some people.
    Sweet sap and citrus juice are added to the alcohol to create this Bloody Fist that's loved by everyone on the continent.
    Usually poured into a small shot glass and drunken at once, the cocktail was named Bloody Fist because of the strong sensation that it causes that resembles a punch to the solar plexus.
    This cocktail is as strong as its name suggests, but Feiton's Delains rarely get drunk
    because the fat in salo, the food that they always eat with Bloody Fist, minimizes alcohol absorption.

    The cocktail was originally created by a couple of friends who loved Wood Blood.

    Right-click to add to Adventurer's Tome.

  • Unsellable, Cannot be dismantled

  • [Crafting] Kalaja - Janet


[Crafting] Kalaja - Janet

Crafting Info
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  •  Silver x 1700