Ryucrokota Salo

Ryucrokota Salo

Epic Adventurer's Tome Specialty

  • Binds Roster when obtained

  • Ryucrokota's fatty tissue that's been aged whole.
    Fatty parts with almost zero meat have been sliced, covered with salt and herbs, and then smoked for a long time.
    It combines the savory flavor of fat with the chewy texture of skin that's left intact.
    Improperly stored and spoiled salo can be used as a leather waterproofing agent instead.
    Salo is a great match for Feiton's specialty spirit, Bloody Fist.
    Its fat content minimizes alcohol absorption and its delicious aroma masks the strong alcohol odor.

    Right-click to add to Adventurer's Tome.

  • Unsellable, Cannot be dismantled

  • [Change] Not Fully Fermented Ryucrokota Salo


[Change] Not Fully Fermented Ryucrokota Salo