Eel Herb Kholodets

Eel Herb Kholodets

Epic Adventurer's Tome Specialty

  • Binds Roster when obtained

  • Flesh of eels, after their roe is removed to make caviar, is mixed with gelatin from ground animal carcasses,
    boiled in eel and ground animal bone broth, and then left to cool and harden.
    Herb powder can be added to mask odor, and the types of herbs used and their mixing ratio vary, depending on the cook.
    This food heavily relies on the cook's skills, as it can easily become a sloshing mass of pudding that reeks of eel and ground animal,
    or firm, chewy jelly with a pleasantly bitter herb taste.
    The traditional recipes usually don't include herb powder because it doesn't really extend the shelf life of this food.
    Conservative Delains even consider using it a crime against their sanctified food.

    Right-click to add to Adventurer's Tome.

  • Unsellable, Cannot be dismantled

  • [Kalaja] Crafting - Janet


[Kalaja] Crafting - Janet

Crafting Info
Sub materials list
  •  Silver x 6500