Feiton Blood Pudding Sausage

Feiton Blood Pudding Sausage

Epic Adventurer's Tome Specialty

  • Binds Roster when obtained

  • Animal intestines that have been stuffed with a mixture of congealed animal blood, animal fat, and dried herb powder, and then smoked until dried.
    These sausages are known for their exceptionally high animal blood content and unique herb smell.
    In Feiton, any available meat is eaten as grilled skewers or Avesta-style smoked ground jerky, and not much is left for making sausages.
    Their strong coppery flavor and herb smell make them an acquired taste to people from outside Feiton.
    They're, however, almost addictive once you get used to their taste.
    These sausages are especially popular as a drinking snack. They're also one of the few things that are readily available for the Delains to enjoy.

    Right-click to add to Adventurer's Tome.

  • Unsellable, Cannot be dismantled

  • [Kalaja] Crafting - Janet


[Kalaja] Crafting - Janet

Crafting Info
Sub materials list
  •  Silver x 6500