Steamed Papu Crab

Steamed Papu Crab

Legendary Adventurer's Tome Specialty

  • Binds Roster when obtained

  • Papu crabs that live hiding in between basalt rocks on the beach are smarter than you think, and therefore more difficult to catch.
    If you can catch them, then you can simply steam them to enjoy their delectable meat.
    Because papu crabs feed on tropical fruits growing in abundance on their island, their flesh smells faintly of the sweet food that they ate.
    Their meat has the deliciously chewy texture that's unique to crustaceans, and their innards are not only edible but delicious.

    Right-click to add to Adventurer's Tome.

  • Unsellable, Cannot be dismantled

  • [Crafting] Nia Village - Gali


[Crafting] Nia Village - Gali

Crafting Info
Sub materials list
  •  Silver x 12000