Solar Knights Token

Solar Knights Token

Epic Adventurer's Tome

  • The Solar Knights used to be one of the Vern's major orders along with the Lunar Knights led by Avele.
    A hundred years ago, when Thar the Knight Commander was killed fighting Necromancer Sigmund, most of the knights perished as well. However, those who survived the incident refused Ealyn's offer and disbanded the order.
    Before they are disbanded, they made an oath on the token of their knight commander.

    "There will be no more Knights of the Sun after today. However,
    if Vern is in danger, we will draw our swords again.
    The oath of the Sun written in blood is never forgotten.
    Shout on last time, for Vern!"

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  • Cannot be dismantled

  • [Continent] South Vern


[Continent] South Vern