Ramella's Mirror

Ramella's Mirror

Uncommon Adventurer's Tome

  • Ramella, a covetous queen of Encavian dynasty, ordered her men to bring a mirror that would reflect her beauty.
    A shaman came to the capital city of Morai.
    The mirror he had was finished with glittering ornaments, creating mystical ambiance.
    Weirdly enough, the mirror was covered by a small piece of fabric.
    "The mirror is for the queen. It's not for others to see."
    When the queen took off the fabric, she nearly fainted.
    Locks of her hair started falling down to the floor, her skin wrinkling like that of an old woman in her deathbed.
    The king, furious at his queen's tragedy, tried to punish the shaman, but he had already disappeared with an eerie laughter.

    "Beauty is not something that lasts."
    "Why do you need a mirror when you can't see yourself in the truest sense? Hahahaha!"
    -Shaman of Darkness, Riphale-

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  • Cannot be dismantled

  • [Continent] Yudia


[Continent] Yudia