Oath of Bandits

Oath of Bandits

Normal Adventurer's Tome

  • A bandit's journal. Looks like it was thrown away a long time ago.

    "We are the proud descendants of the Encavians. The vast land and the ravishing sunset of the Aregal Plains are all gifts from the gods.
    "Men were blinded by gold and allowed this sacred place to fester with greed."
    "I will save all of it.
    "The sacred salt, the legendary Morai Ruins, and this beautiful desert.
    "We will have it known, to both the fools who sold this land and the ones who paid, that this land belongs to us."

    Right-click to add to the Adventurer's Tome.

  • Cannot be dismantled

  • [Continent] Yudia


[Continent] Yudia