Dagger of the High Priest

Dagger of the High Priest

Rare Adventurer's Tome

  • A blood-stained dagger, the same kind that's been commonly found in Luterra recently.
    It was repeatedly observed in the hands of the high priests of the Heretics prevailing in East Luterra.
    When the devil-worshipping cult first appeared, Luterra sent out the knights and brought in all of its followers. According to the record, most of them had been indoctrinated by something, and they were able to get back to their old selves after some time in the solitary cell.
    The Heretics were not found for more than fifty years until they appeared again after the regent started ruling Luterra. As uncertainty and anxiety filled people's hearts, the preaching of the cult that denies living a full life spread like a wildfire under royal connivance.
    Engraved on the blade are letters of the Demon language, which is unfamiliar to the races in the mortal world.

    "The madness is asleep inside you for eternity."

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  • Cannot be dismantled

  • [Continent] East Luterra


[Continent] East Luterra