Nahun's Key

Nahun's Key

Normal Adventurer's Tome

  • A countless number of enthusiastic minds came to lay a firm foundation of Luterra since it was founded, but there was an unparalleled genius with capabilities that surpassed those of all his predecessors combined.
    Nahun was a commoner who didn't even have a family name, but he stood out as an inventor and became a nobleman at the age of 14.
    He was an exceptional architect, inventor and an adept mage after he became good friends with the Sylvains in his midlife. After the kingdom was stabilized, Nahun designed seven edifices each named after a Sidereal, and among them were Azenaporium, a shocking realization of balance between physics and magick, and Sien Inn, a frequently visited gathering place.
    During the construction of Kadan Cathedral, King Luterra passed away. For that, unfortunately, the architecture with the name Luterra became a tomb. Nahun devoted himself to hiding the tomb so that nobody could desecrate it. When a rumor spread that Nahun had in his safe a clue to find the way to the King's Tomb, he made numerous fake keys and scattered them all over Luterra.

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  • Cannot be dismantled

  • [Continent] East Luterra


[Continent] East Luterra