Amalone's Journal

Amalone's Journal

Normal Adventurer's Tome

  • A diary of Amalone, the ever-wandering legendary cook.
    -Crap. I've failed again. What was the problem this time?
    The way they grow so incensed over the food, you'd think those damn aristocrats believe that eating anything new was dangerous for them or something. How does a cook make good food without failing a couple of times and putting out weird-tasting food every once in a while? Might as well write down the grilled fish recipe for the record, though.
    [Rohendel-Style Butter-grilled Fish]
    -2 slabs of filleted fish (salted and peppered)
    -Half a stick of butter
    -Half an onion (or a whole one depending on your preference. This damn nobleman says he doesn't fancy onions.)
    -2 bay leaves
    -1 cup of Zagoras mineral water
    -Some white wine (I'll finish the bottle, anyway.)
    -3 petals of Magick Flower from Rohendel
    -It was Rohendel, I think. Maybe it was a mistake putting in the mashed Magick Flower petals. It tasted pretty sweet when I tried it raw, so I figured I'd use it instead of sugar... How was I supposed to know that's what they use to make Polymorph Potions?
    -Everyone got furious when the nobleman turned into a frog all of a sudden. It was a hassle, getting away from those overdressed soldiers of his. Little did they know, I even managed to escape Rohendel! The secret exit I dug out beforehand came in handy. It's too bad that my robe got all dirty, though.

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  • Cannot be dismantled

  • [Continent] North Vern


[Continent] North Vern