Avesta's Red Cloth

Avesta's Red Cloth

Uncommon Adventurer's Tome

  • A mark of belonging to the Avesta.

    Five hundred years ago, after the Chain War, those who inherited the blood of both Demons and Humans were born. The Holy Sacrian Empire designated them as Demons, and killed them indiscriminately. The earth was filled with the screams and blood of the Delains, but the Delains never unlocked the power of Demons. At the end of the horrible massacre, death was all that remained. The surviving Delains took care of the piles of Chaos Pieces. The leader, Zaika, tore off a piece of his blood-soaked clothes and tied it on his arm. To not forget the sacrifice of his comrades. He cried out, and all the Delains followed suit.

    "We have red blood running through us... we are Human!"

    Right-click to add to the Adventurer's Tome.

  • Cannot be dismantled

  • [Continent] Feiton


[Continent] Feiton