Clotted Blood of Rakathus

Clotted Blood of Rakathus

Epic Adventurer's Tome

  • Guardian Rakathus roared an earthshattering war cry and followed Vairgrys's command to set upon the Demons. Suddenly, however, a Demon in pitch-black armor appeared before him. Rakathus brandished his claw to send the haughty Demon back where it belonged, but the Demon's greatsword tore into the Guardian's flesh and spilled his blood across the snow-covered field of Shushire.
    Rakathus realized the Demon was too mighty an opponent: Thaemine, the Darkness Legion Commander.
    Devastated by the Demon's unpredictable power, Rakathus spread his wings to fly away in defiance of Vairgrys. Then, suddenly, a black spear split the air. Rakathus fell to the ground, letting out a horrible shriek of pain as his body landed with a resounding impact. The spear, forged from pure chaos, pierced the thick ice beneath the Guardian's body, plunging him into the waters beneath.
    If ever Rakathus reawakens, he may emerge as something different from the Guardian he once was...

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  • Cannot be dismantled

  • [Continent] Shushire


[Continent] Shushire