Timeworn Blade of a Fighter

Timeworn Blade of a Fighter

Rare Adventurer's Tome

  • An old, worn-out bladed weapon provided to the fighters of the Arena.
    It is dull and poorly forged, making it hard for its wielder to even scuff a foe's armor.
    However, occasionally there were fighters who proved their might regardless of what they had in their hands. Madnick, the leader of the Daybreakers carrying out the Prisoner Emancipation Movement in Shushire, was one example.
    Imprisoned after losing his entire family, he was thrown in front of a giant wolf with scores of other prisoners. The wolf, Frost Claw, was a fierce beast that had killed and fed on hundreds of prisoners.
    The audience in the arena joyfully watched as the wolf's teeth tore into a prisoner, expecting blood and guts to spill.
    However, betraying their sick expectations, an old, chipped blade plunged through the beast's jaw.
    As the arena fell to complete silence, Madnick threw the carcass of Frost Claw to the side. That was the day that he became the hero of the arena and the light of hope to other prisoners.

    Right-click to add to the Adventurer's Tome.

  • Cannot be dismantled

  • [Continent] Shushire


[Continent] Shushire