Voice Breaking the Day

Voice Breaking the Day

Normal Adventurer's Tome

  • As prison brokering became rampant in Shushire, corruption began to grow from the inside. The government lost its reigning power to rich prison brokers, and the starving people started to sell themselves for breadcrumbs.
    In this time of desperation, Madnick, the hero of the Arena, stepped up to represent the people of Shushire and led the Prisoner Emancipation Movement. His followers called themselves Daybreakers, and devoted themselves to bringing daylight to the fierce winter of Shushire.
    "We are all equal. We all have the freedom to raise our voices and to live on as free men and women. The Daybreakers have risen for the sake of the persecuted in Shushire. Do not turn away from life. Wherever you are, we will bring you a new dawn."

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  • Cannot be dismantled

  • [Continent] Shushire


[Continent] Shushire