Promotional Flyer of the Verdantier

Promotional Flyer of the Verdantier

Rare Adventurer's Tome

  • Turn the crimson desert into the green land of life!
    The capabilities of the Verdantier, the tower of regeneration, are as listed below.
    [Expected Effects of the Verdantier]
    1. The Verdantier regenerates forests and grasslands in barren desert lands.
    2. The Verdantier can supply water to anywhere in the region without the need for multiple purification.
    3. The Verdantier can drastically reduce the gritty dust in Arthetine's air as it can control the direction of the wind.
    Please look forward to witnessing the birth of the greatest paradise in the world created by the Verdantier, the second miracle of the desert.

    Right-click to register on the Adventurer's Tome.

  • Cannot be dismantled

  • [Continent] Arthetine


[Continent] Arthetine