Bloodstained Rod

Bloodstained Rod

Epic Adventurer's Tome

  • When Archbishop Gustaven, the legend of the Holy Sacrian Empire, was still a priest, he encountered the giant snake Aguilok, the Calamity of Rethramis.
    After a battle that lasted the whole night, Aguilok fell, and so did Gustaven, exhausted after striking a mighty blow to the snake's belly with his rod.
    When the soldiers came to the scene, however, Aguilok had disappeared.
    All that was left was a bloodstained rod protruding from the earth.

    "Do not show yourself again in Rethramis, you foul creature!
    Remember this rod! I will be here to face you again when you return!"
    - Archbishop Gustaven

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  • Cannot be dismantled

  • [Continent] Rethramis


[Continent] Rethramis