Aguiloss's Skin

Aguiloss's Skin

Rare Adventurer's Tome

  • "Why do you think the guards and the priests from the capital are staying here in the border area? You may have heard about it, too. The giant, cunning snake, the Calamity of Rethramis! I'm talking about Aguiloss. Hundreds of people had been devoured by this snake before Archbishop Gustaven cast it out of its nest. It was not until it disappeared that we could finally start trading with Luterra through Yudia. The risk hasn't been completely eliminated, however. People still find the cast-off skin of Aguiloss here and there. What you have in your hand is one of them. So, how much do you want for it?"

    - Edma the Wandering Merchant

    Right-click to add to the Adventurer's Tome.

  • Cannot be dismantled

  • [Continent] Rethramis


[Continent] Rethramis