Regulus Statue Fragment

Regulus Statue Fragment

Normal Adventurer's Tome

  • Renowned stonemasons gathered in Loghill, a proud town famous for its heritage of masonry. They accepted the challenge to build a statue of Regulus, the one that would embody all the glory and the splendor of the God of Light.
    Emet, a legendary mason, read through all the theological books in Rethramis and designed a statue that resembled the god as closely as possible. A few days before the grand project's completion, Emet was invited to the cathedral, where he couldn't resist his curiosity and stepped into the library of forbidden books.
    The next day, he was dragged out from the cathedral screaming, and was cast out to Loghill. When everyone fell asleep, he smashed the nearly-finished statue of Regulus into pieces.

    "The god is not coming. We need to be ready."

    Emet was arrested by the guardian knights of the Holy Sacrian Empire, and is still behind the steel bars of the cathedral prison.

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  • Cannot be dismantled

  • [Continent] Rethramis


[Continent] Rethramis