Valaire's Love Poet

Valaire's Love Poet

Uncommon Adventurer's Tome

  • A love letter written by Valaire, a poet and an old fan of Umar Neria.

    - Your lips are like a pair of freshly cooked sausages,
    - and your reddish cheeks are like those of a heavy drinker.
    - Your body resembles the shape of one of those beer kegs piled up in storages,
    - and when you sing, you sound like a running mine car with a broken set of blinkers.
    - You are not obtainable, neither by him nor me,
    - for no one could claim ownership for a star that struck Yorn.
    - And so, all that we could do is scream, "Please smile at us, Neria!"

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  • Cannot be dismantled

  • [Continent] Yorn


[Continent] Yorn