[LCK Finals] DWG Zefa: "I’ll do my best to bring the throne back to the LCK. Our goal is to win the World Championship."

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On September 5 (KST), the grand finals of the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split took place. It was a clash between DAMWON Gaming and DRX. They each had a story and reasons to win the finals, but it was DAMWON Gaming who showed better performances. They took a clean 3-0 sweep over DRX and claimed their first LCK championship. After the match, the members of DAMWON Gaming were interviewed by the casters’ desk.



Congratulations on the championship! How do you feel?


Zefa: I became the head coach starting this summer. I’m flying right now, to have won the championship with such dominating results as soon as I became the head coach.

As you said, DAMWON Gaming’s performances have been very dominating. It wouldn’t have been easy to make such a strong team. What worked out well?


Zefa: I don’t fixate on one thing when something happens. Ghost joined the team, coach Daeny joined as well. They all worked really hard. The synergy between the players and coaches were really good, and I think that’s the main reason for our results.

Nuclear gave a lot of support from behind the team the whole season. How do you feel?


Nuclear: All our teammates worked really hard to get this result. I’m so proud of the players today. I think Ghost and Nuguri did especially well. I’m really thankful to Ghost for doing such a good job. I’m thankful that they gave me a chance to stand in this spot now.


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How do you feel, Canyon?


Canyon: It may have been that I was nervous, so I made a lot of mistakes regarding skillshots or teamfights, but my teammates did so well, so I was carried by them.

Many people consider you as Korea’s best jungler. What did you focus on coming into the finals?


Canyon: I thought Pyosik would play champions like Lillia or Graves so that he could shake us up in the early game by counter-jungling. I was thinking of only winning and not falling into his pace. I think that’s why we were able to win.

You asked Pyosik about a winning ceremony. Aren’t you going to do anything?


Canyon: [Raises his hands and shakes them] I wasn’t able to learn from Pyosik [Laughs].



It seems that DAMWON Gaming shined more after coach Daeny joined the team. How do you feel?


Daeny: I’ve been watching DAMWON Gaming from last year. I’ve said this before in an interview; these guys were even more geniuses when I saw them close in the team. They were able to absorb everything that Zefa and I taught them. All ten members of the team, coaching staff, and the team office all worked together well. I think today’s result is from a positive combination of everything.

Did you aim for a change of style in the finals?


Daeny: Preparing a Bo5 match, we thought the mind game was quite important. We believed that they wouldn’t have thought DAMWON Gaming would play Caitlyn, so we practiced playing Caitlyn. We had other cards prepared as well, and we were very sure that we would win through those cards.

ShowMaker, how do you feel?


ShowMaker: Before the finals, I had said we’ll win like DAMWON Gaming, a very fast win. I feel good that I kept my word and won 3-0.


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It seems they smeared cake over you the most.


ShowMaker: The people who don’t like me got their chance [Laughs]. Right now, I just want to wash my hair. It’s a mess!

You got three awards for the regular season. What was your secret?


ShowMaker: I think I wasn’t that good today. It was all thanks to my teammates that I was able to get three awards. Today as well.

You played Syndra twice even though she was nerfed. Was it prepared?


ShowMaker: I’ve always been confident on Syndra. Considering the recent mid lane champions, Syndra wouldn’t have been pressured much, so I thought she was a good pick and played her.


How do you feel, Hoit?


Hoit: I’m happy that we won the championship. I think our organization CEO’s support was great.

A word to your CEO?


Hoit: I’m very thankful for all the support. This result is all thanks to your management and support. Thank you.

Flame! It’s been such a long time. How do you feel?


Flame: I’ve been to the finals in all the regions I’ve been to. I think it’s the first time I’m standing on the winning side in the LCK. I’d like to thank my teammates and coaching staff for a chance to stand here.

What do you think about DAMWON Gaming?


Flame: As you all know, DAMWON Gaming players are all young and have great instincts and talent as a gamer. From when I first joined the team last year, I felt that their mindsets or atmosphere was really positive. There were many possibilities to improve, so I thought they would all do well. Winning the championship this summer, I was actually quite surprised since they grew so fast. I’m so proud of them.


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Your performance was amazing, Ghost. Today’s performance was really top-notch.


Ghost: Up to winning the championship… [Cries] It took a long time to win the championship. I’m really thankful to those who cheered for me. Thank you to my teammates and the coaching staff who helped the bot lane a lot.

Your Caitlyn, Kalista, and Draven were awesome.


Ghost: Many people evaluated that our bot duo was weak, so we worked a lot on the bot lane, so that people would see DAMWON Gaming plays through the bot lane as well. We thought DRX would prepare a top game. What we discussed yesterday was that we’ll win a game with Caitlyn and another with Draven to win the championship. It worked out perfectly as planned.

A word to the fans?


Ghost: Thank you so much for cheering for me even when I was going through a hard time. We won the championship here, and we’ll do our best at Worlds so that LCK can win the championship again.

Congratulations, Nuguri!


Nuguri: Thank you.

How do you feel about winning the championship?


Nuguri: It’s a stage that I’ve been dreaming of. It feels really good that we won 3-0.


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When we looked up the data, you were still playing aggressive champions in solo queue. We thought you wouldn’t play champions like Ornn.


Nuguri: The reason I started playing Renekton and Ornn was through talking with the coaching staff. Frankly, I protested, but they persuaded me. About half of the whole practice was Ornn. Since we were also preparing to play around bot lane more, it was natural to play picks like Ornn.

Your seat was in the middle today. Do you always sit there during scrims and all?


Nuguri: I don’t remember where I used to sit. I changed my seat because of the air conditioning. There are two air conditioners that shoot right at me from both sides.

A word to the fans?


Nuguri: Unfortunately, we weren’t able to enjoy this moment with you on the stage, but the only reason we were able to win this was that you cheered for us even through our struggles. We’ll keep doing our best at Worlds, so keep cheering for us.

How do you feel, BeryL?


BeryL: I think I didn’t do well today, but all my other teammates did really well, so we won.

Do you still think you’re the last support? You’ve been doing so well.


BeryL: I’d like to stay as the last support always. [Laughs]

Looking back at the season, there are champions that you were really good at like Pantheon or Alistar. Which champion would you like to be remembered as?


BeryL: I’d like to be… I don’t know. A champion that initiates well and dies would go well with me.

A word to the fans?


BeryL: There are fans who cheer for me, but there are also people around me that cheer for me too. Obviously, I’d like to thank the fans. I also want to thank the group around me. I often wake up when I sleep. Today as well, I was a bit stressed because I got up at 9 o’clock. They relieved that stress for me. Thank you.


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Back to Zefa, you’re going to Worlds. How are you planning to play?


Zefa: Before the finals, I had said that we need to win the finals if we want to have good results at Worlds. Now that we’ve won the finals, I’ve become confident that we’ll get good results at Worlds. I’ll do my best to bring the throne back to the LCK. Our goal is to win the World Championship.


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