[LCK Finals] DWG ShowMaker: "TES Knight inspired me to play Syndra tonight. He's a very good player, and he's the player that I'm most worried about."

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On the 5th (KST), DAMWON Gaming took down DRX in the 2020 LCK Summer finals. They asserted the same dominance in the finals against DRX to capture their first domestic title and punch their ticket to the 2020 LoL World Championship as LCK’s 1st seed. DWG promised to bring back the title of the LCK being the best in the world by winning the whole tournament.


The following is the online press conference that took place with the team.



How does it feel to defeat DRX to become LCK champions?


Nuguri: We managed to beat them 3-0. I always wanted to play in the finals, and to even win feels that much sweeter.


Canyon: I did not expect a 3-0 victory tonight, so it feels surreal. I made a lot of mistakes with my skillshots and in teamfights, but I’m very glad that my teammates played so well today.


ShowMaker: My team performed better than usual, so it was an easy victory. I’m very happy.


Ghost: The coaching staff and all the players put in a lot of effort in preparation for the finals. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart, and I’m very happy that today’s victory was a collective effort. I want to perform well at Worlds as well.


BeryL: My teammates played a lot better than usual, so it was an easy victory. While it may be hard to maintain our current level of performance, our goal is to become the best not only in our region, but in the world, so we’ll make sure to play well at Worlds as well.


Daeny (Coach): I’m incredibly happy. I always believed it was possible to win while we were preparing, and our goal is to do well at Worlds.


Zefa (Head Coach): Before this series, I was asked to pick a player that will do exceptionally well in this series. I firmly believed that all five of our players would do well, and they all did to win the championship, so I’m very happy. Just as we proved how we did well in the LCK, we want to do well at Worlds as well. We proved to our fans that we’re strong in Bo5s, so I believe we’ll do better at Worlds.

(To Zefa) Ghost’s performance on Caitlyn in game 1 felt like watching your own Caitlyn in 2013, when you were with Najin. Can you tell us how you felt, watching Ghost play Caitlyn? Also, what were some of the things he focused on with his Caitlyn gameplay?


Zefa: Back when I was a pro gamer, I played a lot of Caitlyn. Watching Ghost play made me reminisce of my own glory days, and it felt surreal. When playing Caitlyn, I made sure that he focused on Summoner spells, Flash availability, positioning in teamfights, and the enemy’s usage of Teleports.

(To Zefa) DWG played very differently from their usual playstyle in game 1. Is there a reason for switching things up, despite all the risks?


Zefa: We usually played around our upper lanes, but after some patches, Caitlyn became a very OP pick. While we were unable to play Caitlyn back then, we practiced her in preparation for the playoffs and for Worlds. That’s why we were very confident with her, and had firm belief in Caitlyn.

(To Nuguri) DWG prepared to play around its bot lane in preparation for the finals. Can you tell us some of the things that the coaching staff told you in such preparation, and your thoughts on what they said?


Nuguri: Whether I’m practicing or during matches, when we’re playing champions like Caitlyn and Ornn, I was told that I need to be very sturdy and be the defense that the team needs. When I’m playing a champion like Renekton, I was told that I need to be in sync with our jungler. I agreed with what I said, and I’m very happy with our draft today.

(To Ghost) You’ve been a part of many teams in your career, and some of those teams have also faced relegations. Now, you’re the proud bot laner of a championship winning team. How do you feel about the victory?


Ghost: I’ve been a pro gamer for many years, and back then, I wondered if I have it in myself to make it to the finals. Today’s victory reminded me of those hard times, so I cried.

(To ShowMaker) Now that you’re heading to Worlds once again, who’s the mid laner that you’re keeping an eye on? Which team are you most interested to face?


ShowMaker: Rookie from Invictus Gaming was the most alarming player, but he failed to make it to Worlds. Knight from Top Esports is the player I’m most worried about at Worlds, and TES would be our toughest opponents. The reason why I played Syndra twice tonight because I was inspired by Knight. I think he’s a really good player, and he’s proven his skills on stage as well.

(To Zefa) From reducing mistakes made from emotional gameplay and throws, DWG’s performance became elevated in many levels. How did you manage the players’ mentality?


Zefa: I think player mentality is parallel to their performance. I did worry about their mentality, but I took notice of their emotions, which is something that I didn’t notice when I was just in the coach position. I put a lot of thought, and I subtly did a couple of things here and there. I’m glad that my efforts paid off.

(To Zefa) Which team do you think will be able to take the last ticket to Worlds, and why?


Zefa: Based on the information we have right now, I believe Gen.G and T1 will face off for the last ticket, and whoever wins game 1 of their series will take the victory. I want to give more points to Gen.G.

(To the players) Which moment did you think that you carried the team in the series, and why?


Nuguri: After surviving the enemy’s tower dive well and getting the return kill on Renekton, I knew I played well.


Canyon: I don’t think I did anything too well in particular. Our laners created a lot of opportunities.


ShowMaker: I don’t think I played well in game 1 and 2. The quadra kill I got in game 3 during the teamfight near the dragon pit was the most memorable moment.


Ghost: When I got a huge CS lead over the enemy bot laner in game 1, I believed that we’d win.


BeryL: I don’t think I did anything particularly well today. I just played like how I usually play, CC the enemy, and communicated as I usually do. I think my teammates played well today.

(To Nuguri) Although the player that inspires you a lot, TheShy from IG, failed to make it to Worlds, there are a lot more teams from the major regions that earned their ticket to Worlds. As a top laner that’s highly rated among many analysts and experts, is there a player you’d like to face?


Nuguri: TES’s 369 moves very well on a team level. I want to face TES. Bwipo from Fnatic left a great impression on me last year, so I want to face him as well.

LCK fans are most excited about the LCK facing off against the LPL. Can you tell us some of the strategies, alongside your resolution in facing the LPL teams?


Daeny: I watched a lot of LPL, and LPL players react immediately. We believe that we’re faster to react, and our teamwork is a lot tighter, so we’ll be able to defeat them.


Zefa: LPL teams are exceptional in teamfighting and make great situational judgment calls. This is a strength that’s been developed due to their long-standing aggressive meta. We believe that we’re better than them not only on an individual level, but also in a collective manner, so we have a good fighting chance against them.

(To Canyon) In today’s series, DRX’s Pyosik tried to take an eccentric jungle path, and there was a critical death in game 2 as well. What were some of the things that you focused on to win the jungle matchup? Also, after that death in game 2, what was your mindset in trying to come back into the game? Finally, what was the reason behind not banning out Lillia?


Canyon: If Lillia doesn’t get an early lead, her level of functionality drops significantly. Despite being aware of this, Pyosik was very good at planning his jungle pathing. In game 2, our top laner was doing very well, so I decided to play out the game through our top lane. To answer why we didn’t ban Lillia, it was simply because we knew we could deal with her.

Is there a special pocket pick that the team's preparing for Worlds? 


Zefa: Sorry, we’re unable to reveal that.

(To Canyon) You got counter jungled quite a bit in game 1, and you ended up buying support items to boost Caitlyn’s carry potential. How did you react when you got counter jungled, and was your decision to buy support items decided on the spot?


Canyon: Because of Pyosik counter jungling me, the game was not easy in the beginning. He had a huge level gap on me, and I remembered the time that I built support items and got carried in solo queue. It worked out back then, and I decided to do the same in game 1.

(To BeryL) You were the first player to pick Pantheon support, and you also pulled him out in game 3. Can you tell us some of the pick’s strengths, and how you’re personally confident on the pick?


BeryL: Even after his rework, he’s a very strong pick in the early game. I usually play him to snowball early. He has a good win rate in the LCK as well, so it’s a comfort pick.

(To ShowMaker) From receiving three LCK awards, becoming LCK champions, to even heading into this year’s Worlds, what’s your secret in maintaining your form?


ShowMaker: League of Legends is a 5 vs 5 game, but I believe that if mid lane falls behind, the whole team falls. That’s why I always want to play well. I’m always trying to remember my roots and work hard.

(To Zefa) In draft, did you intentionally leave Lillia and Irelia open? Also, did you intentionally force DRX to pick Ezreal?


Zefa: From DRX’s perspective, I believe that they picked the two champions because they didn’t want them banned out. It wasn’t my intention to force them to play Ezreal, but psychologically speaking, they picked a late-game champion.

(To Zefa) Because of how VCS teams are unable to attend Worlds this year, LCK’s 3rd seed was promoted into group stages, so that aspect must’ve been something that you thought about if the team failed to win today. What are your thoughts on LCK’s 3rd seed moving up directly into group stages, and what are some of the things you’re concerned about, in relation to COVID-19, quarantine, and even the food for the players?


Zefa: Things would’ve been quite hectic if LCK’s 3rd seed played in the play-in stages, because of having to fly over earlier and what not. In that sense, I think the fact that the situation with the VCS teams mitigates this whole process, so it’s good. I really didn’t think too much about the food, but it’s something that’s always to be wary of when playing on an international stage. In terms of the players’ conditions, I believe it’s up to the players to take care of themselves.

(To Zefa) From DWG’s performance during the regular split to this finals victory, the team proved that they’re the strongest team in Korea right now. Is the team also looking to prove that they’re the best in the world?


Zefa: When we won today, I gained full confidence in our overall gameplay, and I believe this belief will transition into great results at Worlds. We’re looking to take our throne back at Worlds.

Lastly, please say a few words to the fans that have high hopes for the best team in Korea, DWG.


Nuguri: Just as there’s much hope on our shoulders, there’s that much burden that follows with it. Now that we won our LCK championship, we’ll make sure to perform well at Worlds. We all have experience on the big stages now, so we got over our issues with nerves. We’ll prepare well to do well at Worlds.


Canyon: I was very disappointed at Worlds last year, but I believe that we learned a lot from last year. I know we’ll do better this year. We’ll definitely do well. Thank you to all the fans for your support, and we’ll make sure to give back with results.


ShowMaker: In recent years, the LCK teams did not do well in international competitions. We’ll perform on a level that makes us proud representatives of LCK’s 1st seed at Worlds. Please send us your support. Many have said that nerves affected us a lot, but now that we have a lot of experience under our belts, I believe that we can’t let nerves affect us in any way.


Ghost: This will be my first time at Worlds, and as 1st seed, we’ll make sure to come back as champions. As long as I calm myself by taking ‘Cheongsimhwan’ (pills that help people deal with nerves), I’ll play well in a calm state of mind.


BeryL: We’ve honed our teamwork for a long time, and we finally became champions. We’ll work harder to become the LCK team that takes back the throne.


Daeny: I was involved in a different game before my time with DWG, so every moment feels very fresh. If I have complete faith in the players, I know that I’ll enjoy even the most nerve-wracking moments. We have a lot of momentum behind us, so we’ll use this momentum to destroy everyone that stands in our way.


Zefa: I firmly believe that with today’s 3-0 victory, the players’ individual mistakes will not affect us in our victory. LCK fans sometimes meme and say that LPL’s the major leagues, while LCK is the 4th minor league, so by next year, we’ll make sure that LCK becomes number one again.



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