[LCK Finals] KR Reactions: "These guys don’t know how to trashtalk. I miss Piglet and Imp."


These guys don’t know how to trashtalk. 

ㄴ I miss Piglet and Imp.


LCK first-ever tag team match is about to start!



Jonnastrong is going for a higher payoff!

ㄴ I miss Jopssal

ㄴ Someone finally picked a different team!

ㄴ Everyone was wrong up to now… Someone will get it right this time!

I thought Nuguri didn’t have any tank champions on his account?!

ㄴ Ornn doesn’t die even if Jhin hits him for a whole year

Game 1

Bot lane items…

ㄴ I don’t remember when a bot laner bought boots and 4 potions

ㄴ Deft’s record on Jhin isn’t very good…


Syndra isn’t a bad champion…

ㄴ It’s just that LCK sucks…


The LPL fought from the beginning so much… Why is LCK like this?

ㄴ I bet first blood will come after 25 minutes

ㄴ DRX is going to lose for not making anything happen in the early game



ㄴNuguri did everything in that teamfight

ㄴThere goes the game for DRX


Chovy: Going through~ bye!

ㄴ LUL so fast

ㄴ That Akali can do nothing now

Ornn has the ocean dragon soul. This is over now

ㄴ DRX can’t even kill Volibear. There’s no way they can kill Ornn

ㄴ Jhin has to hit Ornn without any damage loss for a whole minute to kill him


So this was DAMWON’s plan… Picking Caitlyn to make DRX pick Jhin and then play a hard tank.

ㄴ Seemed to have worked really well


Nuguri vs DRX



???: How did you get to practice Ornn?

Nuguri: The schedule was really helpful


Game 1 summary


ㄴ DAMWON hit hard with a shield

Game 2

*Chovy gets double kill*


ㄴ Chovy got two kills. It’s over.

ㄴㄴ Way too early to say that


Nuguri carrying the team again

ㄴ First tower at 9 minutes… BoRK too…

ㄴ It surely started in DRX’s favor, but DAMWON took priority little by little



*Game paused*

DRX attempting pause attack LMAO

ㄴ cvMax can’t win three games in one day. They need to stall

ㄴㄴ They took down Gen.G that way


Chovy isn’t doing much

ㄴ Top, jungle, and support are roaming mid continuously. What’s he supposed to do?


???: Our strategy is to stall the game until midnight

ㄴ And Chovy of midnight takes over


Remember when Ghost carried this game?

ㄴ What up with this?

ㄴㄴ Kalista bugged and can’t jump


I thought Ghost just hopped on the DWG bus, but he’s really good

ㄴ DWG and Ghost was a perfect match

ㄴ He’d be the best ADC in the league if Ruler wasn’t here


New skin, Pausefire Ezreal


ㄴㄴ Deft is Gift this game for DWG


BeryL is amazing

ㄴThat toss…


???: Ghost, you’ve grown. See you at Worlds!

Game 3

Ghost is playing Draven!

ㄴHis Draven was really good when it was meta


If Gen.G reached the finals, it would have been more fun

ㄴ A loss is a loss, what can you do

ㄴㄴ There’s no IF in LOL

ㄴ If T1 reached the finals…

ㄴㄴ They would’ve gotten 1447’ed


*Nuguri gets first blood and kills Lillia afterward*

Nuguri is way too good

ㄴTop difference

ㄴNuguri slaughtered the top side

ㄴIs he a top laner or jungler?! He’s being awesome


Wadid… You were right…

ㄴWhat did he say?

ㄴㄴ He said DRX jungle and top were bubbles


Jankos was surprised at this play

ㄴYou gotta love Jankos

ㄴㄴ Seeing that play, anyone would’ve reacted like that


I’m so happy to see Nuclear happy

ㄴI miss him, but Ghost is doing too well


ShowMaker reached 8/0/8


ㄴ It was ShowMaker who did that instead of Chovy lmao


DAMWON Gaming wins the championship!!!

ㄴ They’re also going to Worlds!

ㄴㄴ I can’t wait to see Nuguri against the world again!



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