GEN Score on watching DK vs T1: "I just thought T1 was really good."

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On Mar. 16, in the 2023 LCK Spring Split, Gen.G swept Hanwha Life Esports 2-0. With the win, they are tied for 2nd place with Dplus KIA. As the playoffs format has been changed this season, finishing in 2nd place is crucial. Joining the media after the win, head coach Go “Score” Dong-bin and jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho discussed the importance of the match.



Congrats on today’s win. How do you feel?


Score: HLE is a team that we could meet again in the playoffs, so I’m happy that we had a clean 2-0 win.


Peanut: As Score said, we could meet HLE in the playoffs. Aside from that, they’re a team that we must compete against to be here, so it’s a relief that we beat them.


After losing to Kwangdong Freecs, what was your main focus in preparing for the match?


Score: I focused on HLE’s style and on our pros and cons. We analyzed them while trying not to have our loss to KDF get to us.


Peanut: The loss didn’t really get to me. There were just some regrets. [Laughs] There are still a lot of games left, and it’s not that I wasn’t upset before. All I thought of was that we had to beat HLE and the following match against DK as well.


What was the feedback about after the loss?


Score: There was nothing major, but it felt that the compositions we prepared didn’t really work out. So the key point was that we needed to raise the chances of making our compositions successful.


Chovy played K’Sante in game 2 today. How did you prepare it? What do you think about the result?


Score: Chovy played K’Sante before as well. I watched him play K’Sante in solo queue and thought that he was as good as top laners, maybe even better. I wanted to have a draft to utilize that. We had a lot of discussions with the coaching staff and the players, and I’m happy that it was successful.


You did win today, but the last match against Dplus KIA is the most important. How do you think it’ll go? What do you need to focus on to beat them?


Score: Dplus KIA was considered one of the favorites for the season on media day. On the other hand, not many people thought we would be strong, so we should prepare better than them to beat them. If we analyze them and prepare well, we could win.


Peanut: Everyone knows that Dplus KIA is a strong team. Regardless of how good they are, as much as it’s the last match of the season and playoffs are just around the corner, I’ll play only thinking that there’s so much to gain if we win.


Watching Dplus KIA’s match against T1, what did you think you should focus on preparing for the match?


Score: I didn’t analyze much — I just thought T1 was really good. I’ll need to watch the match again after getting home to analyze them.


The last match is important because it decides 2nd place. Starting in round 2 in the playoffs is a big advantage. What do you think?


Score: The playoffs changed a bit this season, and finishing in 2nd place for the regular season is a big advantage. I really want to beat them to secure 2nd place.


Peanut: If we start in the 2nd round, we have one more chance even if we lose. This is a huge difference. I really hope that we can reach the playoffs in 2nd place.


Which role do you think is the most important for that match?


Score: Whenever we played against Dplus KIA, Peanut here played always played well. I believe the jungle is the most important.


Peanut: Since he said that, I’d have to say it’s me. [Laughs]


Any last comments?


Score: It was so hectic up to now, and we’re about to play our last match of the season already. It’s such an important match, and it’s crucial for us to win it. I believe the fans will be really happy if we do, so I’ll make sure to be well-prepared.


Peanut: We lost from time to time during the season, and whenever we did, we kept moving on. That’s probably why we were able to have a chance to fight against Dplus KIA for 2nd place. Regardless of the result in our last match, we need to play in the playoffs as well, so I’ll move on forward and work hard.


Source: LCK Korea

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