[2022 LCK Summer Finals] KR Reactions: "Chovy! Stop bullying the elderly!"


*All reactions have been collected, translated, and edited from KR communities such as LoL Inven and FM Korea.



The ticketing line for the finals…

ㄴ OMG so many people

ㄴ I hope you have fun on the bus back to Seoul awkwardly with the opponent fans


Mr. Esports enters!

ㄴ Look at his aura

ㄴ Jeon “The Esports” Yong-jun


Whoa… The predictions are... Gold

ㄴ Everyone predicted Gen.G. Not that surprising.

ㄴ This means that Gen.G is THAT strong. There were never such one-sided predictions against T1 like this.

ㄴ Unless Faker returns to his old prime, T1 have no chance.

*Game gets delayed*

Back in 2004, there wasn’t a single issue, even outdoors on the beach.

ㄴ Work, Riot, work.

Game 1

T1’s draft looks good.

ㄴ It’s the best draft I’ve seen from T1 in a long time.

ㄴ Both sides have their strengths.

ㄴ Zeri with a utility support? I think Gen.G got this.


Big game hunter.

ㄴ Faker is back!

ㄴ It’s finals Faker!


Umm.. Doran…?

ㄴ It’s zhon Yadoran

*Note: Yadoran is Slowbro’s original name


Just another Ruler ending…

ㄴ When it’s bottom meta, it’s Ruler.

ㄴ Doran gobbling up that aggro was legendary


You know, T1 had 3 smites…

ㄴ LOL… And Gen.G got the dragon. Legendary.


*Gen.G wins game 1*

They should have given Ruler the penta.

ㄴ Guma with the GA control.

Game 2

They really picked Singed at the finals LOL

ㄴ Lehends really got some nerves

ㄴ That’s a prepared pick



ㄴ If Faker played on the CN server, he would have smelled that gank coming before it came.

ㄴ Faker always gets ganked at that timing.


Singed win rate 100% WOW

ㄴ Three of those wins are against DWG KIA

ㄴㄴ (DK fan) What did we do? Keep us out of this game.

ㄴ Yuumi’s OP right now, but Gen.G is the only team that has a counter to it…


cvMax: T1 won draft this game. If they lose it, it’s just because they didn’t play well.

ㄴ Wolf said the same thing.

ㄴ Gen.G did the winner’s draft and they’re proving themselves.


Chovy’s just friggin amazing.


ㄴ Lehends’ adhesive placement was great too


Top 5 Sylas players in the world

ㄴ Chovy has that win rate even after he played on HLE…

ㄴㄴ Actually, his Sylas win rate rose in HLE


Game 2 goes to Gen.G!

ㄴ Gen.G totally owned T1 in game 2

ㄴ Gen.G’s performance is like ‘20 DWG, they’re so good!



Wolf: NO ONE can practice playing against Singed support… They’re the only team in the world that plays it!

ㄴ LOL Who can you ask to play Nilah-Singed bot

ㄴ World’s best Singed support — also World’s worst Singed support… He’s the only one!


Game 3

T1 to the red side. Yeah, they need something different.

ㄴ Zeri and Yuumi to Gen.G. GG.

ㄴ Well, this time, it seems alright for T1.

ㄴ Morde kinda counters Yuumi.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the world…


ㄴ Info) US clubs close much earlier than KR. They close long before dawn… Not like Korea.

ㄴㄴ It’s 2AM there… So he doesn’t have much time left and he’s watching LCK? 

ㄴ Remember when Ballack watch soccer at a strip club?


Chovy sends Faker home without recalling


ㄴ All three games, Chovy is dominating Faker

ㄴ Chovy, stop bullying the elderly

T1 don’t even need to find the culprit. Gen.G’s just plain better.

ㄴ Maybe for games 2 and 3. Amumu sucked in game 1.

ㄴ For game 2 it was Renekton

ㄴ Shut up. Gen.G was simply better in all lanes and in teamfighting and in macro.



ㄴ The new Gen.G!



Chovy prayed and prayed, his prayers were answered!

ㄴ At last!

ㄴ Chovy’s finally Korea’s best mid laner

ㄴ He’s been the best mid laner all along. He just didn’t have a crown


You know, Chovy smiling in front of a trophy feels so awkward

ㄴ This looks so forged

ㄴ Let’s get used to it now!

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