DRX Zeka on his chances of going to Worlds: “If we get four seeds, I’d say 90%; if we get three, I’d say 50%."

On day 17 of the 2022 LCK Summer split, DRX defeated DWG KIA in the first match of the day with a set score of 2-1. After the match, Kim “Zeka” Geon-woo joined Inven to speak about the victory. “I’m thrilled to be able to pick up my first victory against a really strong team like DWG KIA. It feels like this is just the beginning of our team playing better, and our future looks brighter with tonight’s victory.”


After a four-match win streak in the beginning of the split, DRX lost to both Liiv SANDBOX and T1 in week 3. Zeka spoke about the losses, stating “We lost because we simply played poorly. We’re not disappointed nor do we feel salty about it. We couldn’t follow the meta last week, and we suddenly lost our direction as a team. We gathered the data on the reasons why we lost and fixed our shortcomings, and were able to overcome DWG KIA tonight.”


During the Spring split, DRX’s top side showed a lot of inconsistencies in their gameplay. However, with DRX’s top side stepping up their gameplay this split, it feels like DRX gained more win conditions. Zeka commented on such a change, claiming, “It’s because of the meta shift. Spring split was a bot lane meta, so our top side had to match what the bot side was doing.”


“I think it’s easier for the top side to carry in the Summer split. Also, the players learned more about each other and built a lot of trust in the process, thus being able to play more proactively. Things like that all added up for our top side getting stronger.” As for his own performance, he commented, “I haven’t shown my everything just yet. Fans can definitely expect more from me.”


After getting knocked out in round 1 of the Spring playoffs, DRX finished 5th place. So how did Zeka see his team’s chances of making it to Worlds this year? He was very witty with his answer: “If we get four seeds, I’d say 90%; if we get three, I’d say 50%. If we beat Gen.G, T1, and DWG KIA in round 2, I’d say our chances go up by 10%.”


DRX’s next matchup in the LCK is against Gen.G, a team that has showcased dominance in the Summer split so far. On the matchup, he commented, “Chovy’s too good at the game, so rather than focusing on his gameplay, I think it’s more important to keep my pace. Gen.G’s a strong team, but not only do they have weaknesses, there will be a moment when they get complacent. We’ll need to exploit such factors and take the win home.”

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