[Worlds 2020] DWG ShowMaker: "Doinb and Caps inspired me to the point of being detailed in keeping Summoner spells."

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DAMWON Gaming took on DRX in the very first match of the quarterfinals of the 2020 LoL World Championships. With a set score of 3-0, DWG stood victorious once again in the rematch of the 2020 LCK Summer finals, and knocked out DRX from the tournament. After the match, Both DWG and DRX answered some questions in the post-match press conference.


You may watch the DWG press conference here, or read the transcript below:



(To Canyon) Do your teammates still call you ‘polar bear’?


Canyon: They just call me by my name. [Laughs]


(To Zefa) Did you predict that you’d win 3-0 against DRX? Which team would you want to meet in the semifinals?


Zefa: Since the losing team picks the side, I didn’t predict we’d win 3-0. We won more easily than we thought. As for teams to face in the semifinals, whichever team comes up, there’s a story. If Gen.G comes up, at least one LCK team will make it to the finals. If it’s G2, we have the chance for revenge for last year. It would be better if Gen.G comes up for the LCK, but my heart wants to have revenge over G2 Esports.


(To ShowMaker) You’re carrying a major role in the team. One of your biggest strengths is that you play cooperatively with other lanes. Which player makes the most shotcalls?


ShowMaker: All five players make shotcalls together. But to pick one who makes the most would be BeryL.


(To ShowMaker) If you were to meet G2 Esports in the semifinals, how would your loss against them from last year help you? What change do you think is necessary?


ShowMaker: We’ve changed a lot from last year. Even if we were to meet G2 Esports in the semifinals, it wouldn’t be that we learned from the loss last year, it would be because we’ve grown massively.



(To Ghost) There are many utility ADCs in this year’s Worlds meta. Why did you play Aphelios today? What role do you carry within the team?


Ghost: The reason I played Aphelios today was that he looked the best considering the opponents’ and our compositions. As for the role, we don’t limit our roles within the team. We have to do every pick or play that the team needs in every situation. I’ve been preparing to do everything.


(To Nuguri) Which team do you want to meet in the semifinals? How far do you think DWG could go this year?


Nuguri: Personally, I’d like to meet G2 Esports. Revenge for last year is one thing… I feel that I just want to meet G2 more. As for how far we can go… I’m not sure yet.


(To Zefa) You’ve coached many teams up to now. Is there anything special that makes DWG stronger? How’s your coaching style in DWG?


Zefa: All of the players are versatile and good. Whichever pick it is, the players can make the pick or the macro their own. I’ve been coaching them so that they can think of all of those things while they play.


(To the coaching staff) The macro was important in game 1, and the teamfights were important in game 2. DRX is a team you know very well. How much effect did that have on today’s win?


Daeny: The picks in game 1 were easier for us from the draft since all of our lanes were capable of moving first. More than knowing our opponents well, it’s important to know what we want to do. Whichever composition we have, it’s important to play according to the intention of the composition. Knowing our opponents well wasn’t important at all today.


(To ShowMaker) Many people are discussing who’s the world’s best mid laner. Through today’s match, do you think you’ve stepped higher than Knight or Chovy?


ShowMaker:[Laughs] I don’t know yet. I think the mid laner that wins the World Championship is the best, so I think it’s most important to win the championship.


(To the coaching staff) Many people consider DAMWON Gaming as one of the heaviest favorites. How confident are you that DWG will raise the Summoner’s Cup?


Daeny: I often say this to the players. I tell them not to compare themselves with others, they should compare themselves with themselves of yesterday. I try to do that, and the players do so as well. It’s important to maintain our mindset like that. Seeing how the players answered in this conference, I’m happy that they’re keeping that mindset. We’re here because we’ve been doing well since the Summer. I don’t want to compare ourselves to other teams. I want to prioritize what we have to do. If we do, we can become a solid team.



(To Nuguri) After your surgery, you went to China and was quarantined. Were there any issues regarding maintaining your condition?


Nuguri: There wasn’t much of an issue.


(To ShowMaker) What did you think when Chovy locked in Vel’Koz in game 3?


ShowMaker: From long ago, Vel’Koz often appeared against mages, so I wasn’t too surprised. I knew that Chovy played Vel’Koz because he played it a few times back when he was in Griffin. Since I knew that he plays it, I wasn’t surprised.


(To Nuguri) You dominated Vladimir with Ornn in game 3. What do you think of the matchup?


Nuguri: In today’s game, Vladimir started with Cull. We even took out his Flash, so I had a big advantage from the start. As for the matchup, since Vladimir can’t actually kill Ornn in the early game, I think Ornn has the edge.


(To ShowMaker) Not only have you become stronger as a player, you’ve become more versatile in your gameplay. Personally, how much do you think you’ve improved compared to last year? In the current meta, what’s the most important trait to have as a mid laner?


ShowMaker: The champions I play this year are very different from those I played last year. In 2019, my mindset used to be, “Get fed to kill everyone”. However, after watching Doinb lift the Summoner’s Cup and losing to Caps last year, my mindset changed, where if I get fed, the team gets strong, and when the team’s strong, we defeat our enemy. Doinb and Caps inspired me to the point of being detailed in keeping Summoner spells as well. In terms of being a great mid laner… Mids who are great at teamplay are very good. I believe that having priority in lane to get the initial push and roam is optimal in the current meta.


(To Zefa) Are you aware of the win streak that DWG has on Blue side? Why do you think that is?


Zefa: I do read the community posts online, so I’m aware that our Nexus hasn’t exploded since MSC. The current state of drafts at the moment is that we can predetermine a champion we want on B1 and form a team composition around it. If you’re on red side, you have to match what the opponent is drafting, and I think the advantage that comes from being on blue side is bigger. I think that having a large champion pool is one of the biggest reasons behind our success.



All images via: Riot Games


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