[Worlds 2020] DRX cvMax: "The players passed on more in-game knowledge, more so than myself as the head coach."

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DAMWON Gaming took on DRX in the very first match of the quarterfinals of the 2020 LoL World Championships. With a set score of 3-0, DWG stood victorious once again in the rematch of the 2020 LCK Summer finals and knocked out DRX from the tournament. After the match, Both DRX and DWG answered some questions in the post-match press conference.


You may watch the DRX press conference here, or read the transcript below:



(To cvMax) DWG is a team that DRX faced many times this year. Why do you think that DRX was unable to take the victory tonight?


cvMax: There’s a lot of reasons, but the core reason why is that not only are they hardworking and a very strong team, they’re able to capitalize and snowball off of the tiniest mistakes. We prepared so much for tonight, but we made tiny mistakes in-game. I don’t think we made that many mistakes tonight. DWG just played incredibly well. I believe that we did well, but tonight, they were simply the better team.


(To Deft) You worked very hard this year. Is there anything you’d like to say to yourself and your teammates?


Deft: Personally, it’s a very disappointing year. Despite my teammates following me well throughout the year, I feel very sorry that I couldn’t deliver great results.


(To Doran) In Game 2, why did you have Kindlegem in your inventory?


Doran: I wanted to build Black Cleaver, but I felt that building Trinity Force is the better call, so I switched. Kindlegem has CDR in its stats, so I just kept it.


(To cvMax): Is there anything special that the team prepared for this match? Thoughts on tonight’s draft overall?


cvMax: We prepared around the champions that we practiced the most, and tried to set up matchups that we’re most familiar with. The drafts tonight were set in stone prior to the match tonight, so the games going the way they did tonight were disappointing, and at the same time, a wake-up call in the things we lacked.


(To cvMax) This year, you’ve nurtured Keria and Pyosik, who were rookies coming in this year, and Doran, who was a sub on your previous team, into world-class players. Although the loss tonight may be better, what are your thoughts on their growth? Are you proud of their efforts in making so far?


cvMax: I believe that I’m very calculative and am good at finding the right people. The three people that you mentioned have grown into players that far exceeded my expectations. I didn’t think that they’d grow to this extent. They’re all geniuses, and because they’ve exceeded the very high expectations I had for them, we were able to play DWG in the quarterfinals. I was very lucky in that regard, and I’m very grateful.



(To Deft) DRX played a very defensive style against DWG tonight. Was going on the defensive the theme of DRX’s gameplay tonight?


Deft: In game 1, we were going to play more aggressively with the priority we had, but I didn’t play well, so it didn’t work out. We changed up the game plan to play more defensive for game 2.


(To Pyosik) Although this loss tonight may hurt, you’re a rookie that proved to be world-class tonight. What are some of the positive lessons/experiences that you took from this year’s tournament?


Pyosik: CvMax always said that studying for the SATs before the day of the test doesn’t mean that you’ll do well on the test. Those words are really resonating with me right now.


(To Deft) Are you frustrated by the fact that the results against DWG is the same as the Summer finals?


Deft: I’d be less frustrated if the series wasn’t winnable, but I feel even more frustrated by the fact that both the Summer finals and tonight’s series were winnable.


(To cvMax) First, DRX did very well, so please keep your head up! What is the biggest thing you took away from this year's Worlds?


cvMax: From all the wins and losses that the team experienced to be able to do this interview at this very moment, they’re all data that'll greatly help me in my life. There are so many things that I learned, so it’s really hard to say. I learned a lot.

I think I’m incredibly lucky. Maybe it’s because I was born on July 7th (laughter). DRX is a team that had a very abrupt start. Chovy and Deft, who are players with incredible individual prowess gathered around me and marked the start of this team. Those two players are the core members of the team, and the other three players, Keria, Pyosik, and Doran, gathered around the two.


I believe the other three members are just as lucky as I am. They absorbed a ton of knowledge from the core members, and throughout the year, they passed on more in-game knowledge, more so than myself as the head coach. As someone who watched everything on the sidelines, I even learned a lot from them giving feedback. I learned so much and will learn a lot from this experience. I’m really grateful to all my players.



(To Chovy) CvMax said that in a way, you acted more like a head coach than himself. You actually grew a lot this year. How do you reflect back on this year?


Chovy: The year 2020 was a year that I was able to enjoy playing games.


(To cvMax) Which game was the most regretful out of the three games today?


cvMax: Games 1 and 3 were the most regretful. Everyone did quite well in game 2, but DWG was too solid, so we were swept away once. All I can do is praise the five players’ concentration in that game. In games 1 and 3, maybe the players were shaken up mentally; some small but critical mistakes… I wanted to see more whether we win or lose, but it didn’t quite work out… Overall, games 1 and 3 were the most regretful.



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