Legends of Runeterra adds Gangplank and four more cards to Rising Tides expansion


Image Source: Riot Games


Riot Games’ first card game title featuring the lore of League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, has announced its newest expansion, to be released April 30th. Titled “Rising Tides”, the game adds on a new territory, Bilgewater, where we will encounter champions like Miss Fortune, Fizz, and as revealed today, Gangplank.


When Gangplank is summoned by the player, they must summon a Powder Keg card to deal one damage to enemies and the enemy nexus. The champion has the overwhelm ability, one of the most aggressive keywords in the game. When on the offensive, a unit with Overwhelm that kills an enemy, deals the damage of the difference between your unit’s attack power and the enemies health directly to the enemy Nexus. You can find our complete guide on how to use this keyword here.




Another four cards have been announced by Legends of Runeterra’s twitter account today: Jagged Butcher, which uses the Plunder keyword, granting +1|+1 to the player, Petty Officer, which summons a Powder Keg or a random 1 cost ally from any faction. Dreadway Deckhand summons a Powder Keg, and Parrrley has the Slow keyword, dealing 1 to anything. If the 1 kills it, 1 is dealt to the enemy nexus.


Legends of Runeterra is set to leave beta on April 28th, launching its first expansion only two days after the release.



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