Legends of Runeterra adds new cards to The Rising Tides expansion

Image source: Riot Games


Legends of Runeterra has announced two new cards to be added to the game on April 30th. The reveal of a new champion, Fizz, comes as part of The Rising Tides expansion, where a new territory, Bilgewater is announced as Runeterra’s latest region.


A new keyword has been announced: Plunder, in which a card triggers its plunder ability when played if the enemy nexus was damaged the same round. The new set of cards and mechanics come as a huge wave, no pun intended, of content coming to the game.





The new champion revealed, Fizz, becomes untargetable when you cast a spell and give him the elusive ability. The card levels up once you have casted at least six spells in the game. Curious to find out what elusive can do for you? We have a guide prepared for you here.



Another card announced today was Coral Creatures. When summoned, it creates a random one cost spell in the player’s hand. To find the complete list of cards and updates to the upcoming expansion, you can check our Bilgewater post. 


For more news and updates on Legends of Runeterra, visit our official page.

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