Riot Games' Legends of Runeterra teases Bilgewater, featuring new mechanics like Plunder


Legends of Runeterra has been teasing a ton of new content, featuring champions, companions, spells, and more. Now they've announced a new region, featuring a slew of new cards and mechanics. The expansion launches in a week, on April 30th, so read up on the new cards now and get your future decks planned out to dominate your competition and rule the high seas. 




First, they've promised new keywords and mechanics, giving a sneak peek at just one of them: Plunder. The Plunder effect takes place if you manage to damage the enemy Nexus with a card holding the keyword. They've even added a little Plunder Poro, though whether or not the little guy will ever succeed in hitting the nexus is a different story. 



They've announced other cards as well, of course, most of which feature Plunder in a potentially more meaningful way than our little Poro friend. The first bunch demonstrates a powerful ability to protect and inspire a substantial army. Jagged Taskmaster is a nice early game card that can strengthen the other minions on the field, while Citrus Courier helps keep your mid game allies - and Nexus - topped off. Smooth Soloist is a pesky Elusive that reduces the cost of all your allies by 2 each time she hits the Nexus. Just a couple of hits will practically make the rest of your army free!



The next group of announced cards also powers up the army, but a bit differently. Wolfrider simply provides an empty mana gem with its Plunder, but features overwhelm, allowing it to Plunder even if it is attacking an enemy. Ursine Spiritwalker is a bit of a weaker card on its own, but if it transforms, it gains 2 Power and Overwhelm, as well as providing Overwhelm to all 5+ Power allies. The Tuskraider is a big late-game card, though, which Draws a Sejuani to your hand on summon, and then doubles both the Power and Health of all cards in your deck on each Plunder. Tuskraider and Smooth Soloist together make for a scary late game combination if they're able to get a few hits off. 



There are many more cards to come of course, as the rest of the expansion drops next week. Be sure to be on the lookout for the rest of the Keywords and mechanics to be introduced, but until then, follow @PlayRuneterra and us @InvenGlobal on Twitter for more Legends of Runeterra news and content. 



For more Legends of Runeterra content, head over to our Legends of Runeterra section!


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