Esports Weekly Ep. 4 - Sexism in VALORANT, ardiis' accusation, and football vs League of Legends


There have been countless stories posted to social media recounting the horrific experiences women have had while playing Riot Games' newest title, VALORANT, a competitive, team-based, tactical shooter. So far, the proposed "solutions" are to mute the offenders, only play with friends, don't speak, etc., but none of those create a fun and level playing field, and none truly address the problem. Join Su Collins and Parkes Ousley as they discuss better solutions and changes that need to be made to make VALORANT a more safe and enjoyable place for women.


Additionally, former CS:GO player and current VALORANT-pro-to-be, Ardis "ardiis" Svarenieks, was accused of purchasing a cheat from a private developer and attempting to match fix, after winning nine out of 10 tournaments over the last couple months. Ardiis was set to sign with G2, but fell into hot water after videos of him discussing potential match fixing were leaked by the Anti-Cheat police Department on Twitter. He has since been cleared by Riot, but we discuss what the implications are for his career, as well as how other players can avoid all such allegations in the future. 


Finally, for those niche fans of football (soccer) and professional League of Legends, listen in as Su and Parkes compare the greats. Who would be Messi? Who would be Perkz? And who would be a Teletubby? Watch it all below.





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