Former CS:GO pro reportedly set to sign with G2 Esports, ardiis, accused of purchasing VALORANT cheat


In a report by the Anti-Cheat Police Department on Twitter, former CS:GO player, Ardis "ardiis" Svarenieks, was accused of purchasing cheating software for VALORANT, based on information provided to them by a private cheat developer. Additionally, he has been accused of attempting to match fix as well. Ardiis has been accused of using cheats and match fixing in CS:GO in the past as well.


So far, ardiis has played in nearly 10 different events, winning all but one of them. Most events he's played with his team, Fish123, but he left the roster just yesterday, June 14th. One of the events he won was G2's European Brawl II at the end of May, which also happened to be one he played in without the rest of Fish123. The Anti-Cheat Police Department state that ardiis is currently set to sign with G2 Esports.




The article goes on to detail some events in ardiis' past, where he would match fix for games on betting sites depending on the odds, and that the private cheat developer claims he used Radar Hacks in the past for tournaments and online matches as well. Anti-Cheat PD shows evidence of ardiis' attempts at match fixing through conversations with Jack “kpiz” Pragnell and Harry "DPS" MacGill, shown below.




So far, ardiis has not made any statement on the matter, and these are not currently proven, rather just accusations. We will update the story upon further information or proof, and upon a statement from ardiis, Riot Games, G2 Esports, or other relevant party. 



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