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Basic Information
Name Lumu Barone II Rarity 6
Attack 672 Affinity 10%
Slots 2 1 - Sharpness
Option (Water 480)
Required to Upgrade
Required Cost
Required to Upgrade
Blos Medulla x2
Paolumu Carapace+ x4
Paolumu Wing+ x3
Novacrystal x1
Melody Effects
Notes Name Effects Additional Effects
Speed Up Self Increases player's speed. Extends effect duration. Prevents player's attacks from being deflected.
Defense up (L) Increases defense greatly. Extends effect duration. Increases defense further.
Scoutfly Power up Increases the guide level for all monsters by 1. Extends effect duration.
Wind Pressure Negated Nullifies minor wind pressure. Extends effect duration.
Stamina Use Reduced (L) Reduces the amount of stamina used. Extends effect duration.
Tool Use Drain Reduced (L) The usage guage of specialized tools will drain much slower Extends effect duration.
Stun Negated Prevents stun. Extends effect duration.
Upgrade Tree
Lumu Barone II

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