Basics you must know 


Fairy, A new companion with many useful buffs!

Complete guide for item drop locations

How to Maximize Enhancement Stacks

The summary of rich grinding areas

Where to find World & Field Bosses: Kzarka, Karanda, Kutum, Nouver, and more

◇ The way to become a true master - the list of final and other useful equipments

◇ How to use the Marketplace

How to reach Port Ratt via liner & 15 nodes of Vadabin and Juur Sea

Highlighting all 7 spots in Ross Sea



 Don't know what to do? Check out the guide for some major content 


How to play Savage Rift and What you should be doing

Farming Memory Fragments with Boss Summon Scrolls

Manshaum Narc’s Stone, the boss summon scroll

Guide on the new world bosses Muraka and Quint

World Boss Nouver

World Boss Offin Guide for beginners



 Grind spot guide: Read before grinding 


Guide on party grinding in Gyfin Rhasia Temple

Tooth Fairy Forest

Grinding Griffons in Kamasylvia

A Guide on Grinding in Navarn Steppe

The panoptic guide of monster locations in the Loopy Tree Forest

Polly’s Forest

◇ Grind out Forest Fury in Kamasylvia

Grinding In Manshaum Forest & Holo Forest in Kamasylvia

Protty Cavern & Sycraia Underwater Ruins, New Grinding Areas



  Making extra silver with life skills 


◇ How to make the most basic foods

50% markup with one single buff

farming Silver with timber and honey

let your workers handle the job and get extra benefits

Magical Manos Processing Stone

Lakiahro, and Magical Manos Hoe



  How to craft Sailboat, Frigate, Awakening weapons, etc.


farming contribution points and silver with simple cooking

Kamasylvia Part 2 Elixirs & Food

How to Build Epheria Sailboat

◇ How to Build Epheria Frigate

Craft a Crescent Ring and Basilisk Belt!

Collect Remain of Black Energy to make a Awakening weapon

Set Magic Crystal & KANG: Set Magic Crystal



  How to use your Contribution Points efficiently

#1 : Choose the Most Efficient Storage

#2 : Choose the Most Efficient Worker Lodging