A new companion with many useful buffs! The Fairy comes to BDO NA/EU

A new companion for your adventures, the Fairy, has been added in Black Desert Online. Although the two might be confused, the Fairy is not a pet. A Fairy is a separate companion that will give you different buffs including instant resurrection, desert debuff cure, automatic potion consumption, and lighting the surrounding area.

A Fairy can be obtained by completing a short quest chain and then using an item called “Sealed Fairy Wings”. You will get one Sealed Fairy Wings by completing the quest chain, and can get one by handing in two of Laila’s Petal via a repeatable quest. Laila’s Petals are obtainable from grinding and fishing. The Fairy has four grades (Faint, Glimmering, Brilliant, and Radiant), and you will get a random Fairy by using the Sealed Fairy Wings.

The Fairy has five voice types, aka personality: Aloof, Joyful, Meticulous, Prim, and Serene. The personality types only change the voice and the lines that the Fairy say, and will not affect the Fairy’s skills.

When you have obtained a Fairy, a new icon will appear next to the pet and maid icons. In the Fairy menu, you can summon, level up, or let go of the Fairy. In order to level up your Fairy, you can feed her with all types of gear, Black Spirit’s Claw, and Sweet Honey Wine.

You can only have one Fairy at a time, so if you want a new Fairy you have to let go of the old one first. The Fairy can also be reincarnated (the Fairy’s skills will be refreshed) or can be upgraded (the Fairy’s tier will increase) via Sprouting.



■ How to obtain a Fairy: Fairy Queen Theiah’s Quest

In order to obtain a Fairy, you have to complete a quest chain that starts from the Black Spirit’s Quest, “Fairy Queen Theiah”. The quest is acceptable when your character is over level 52 and has completed [Boss] Witch Hunting.

Accept the quest from the Black Spirit, talk to Fairy Queen Theiah in Kamasylve Temple, hand 2 Cooking Honey to Theiah, use Special Honey Jar (you will get one as as reward) on the Unstable Crevice, which is located in the back of NPC Theiah, talk to Theiah again, and then hand Laila’s Petal (obtainable by fishing or grinding) to Theiah. Laila’s Petals are obtainable even if you do not have the associated quests. Cooking Honey is obtainable by hunting beehives with a matchlock in Balenos Forest or by sending a worker to Alejandro Farm.


▲ You can find "Fairy Queen Theiah" under the "Suggestions" section.
▲ Have two Cooking Honey and one Laila's Petal in your inventory before talking to the Fairy Queen, so you won't have to visit her again. 


■ How to obtain Laila’s Petal

There are many ways to get Laila’s Petal. It can be looted from anywhere, and is also obtainable when fishing. You can also craft a Special Honey Jar, and then place it on the Unstable Crevice you find outside of Kamasylve Temple. Special Honey Jar can be crafted with two Top-Quality Cooking Honey, 5 Fruit of Abundance, 1 Essence of Liquor, and 2 Purified Water via Alchemy. When crafting the Special Honey Jar, the Top-Quality Cooking Honey cannot be replaced by High-Quality Cooking Honey or Cooking Honey. Fruit of Abundance is obtainable by chance when breeding Onion, Grapes, Strawberries, and/or Sunflowers.

The Unstable Crevice is a red object that blinks every 3 to 5 seconds. It is easy to miss, especially when you are moving quickly.


▲ The red thing in the middle is the Unstable Crevice. (Image source: BDO Inven KR - andpathos)


■ How to Level Up your Fairy

You will get one “Sealed Fairy Wings” from Theiah by completing the quest chain. Use the item by right clicking on it near the Young Kamasylve Tree, and you will get a Fairy of a random tier. You can only have one Fairy per account.

All Fairies have Luck Level +1 as a base skill, and will get one additional skill every 10 Levels. The Fairy skills are Tickling Breath (increases breath limit when underwater), Feathery Steps (no slow movements from weight), Fairy’s Tears (instant resurrection without any death penalty), Eternal Well (automatically consumes water/tea when desert debuff is on), Cheer Up (automatically consumes potions), and Morning Star (the Fairy glows and lights up the surrounding area). There are five ranks in the Fairy Skills, and the Fairy will get a skill of a random rank when she acquires one. Once she learns a skill, the rank cannot be changed unless she reincarnates and all of her skills are refreshed.


The number of skills that a Fairy can learn and the maximum rank of the skills are different depending on the Fairy’s tier. The Dim Fairy, the lowest tier Fairy, can only level up to 10 and the maximum skill rank she can have is I. The Bright Fairy can can level up to 20 and can have rank I to rank III skills. The Resplendent Fairy can level up to 30 and rank I to rank IV skills, and lastly the Dazzling Fairy can level up to 40 and rank I to rank V skills.

You can level up your Fairy by feeding her with gear (all types), Black Spirit’s Claw, and Sweet Honey Wine. Higher-grade gear will give more exp, but the most efficient gear (in terms of exp/money ratio) is Blue gear. Blue gear reformed to Yellow will give less exp than Yellow items originally give. Black Spirit’s Claw does not give much exp either.

Sweet Honey Wine requires two Top-Quality Cooking Honey, 4 Full-bodied Exotic Wine, 10 Sugar, and 2 Fruits, and the ingredients cannot be replaced by lower-tier ingredients. (i.e. you cannot use four High-Quality Cooking Honey instead of two Top-Quality Cooking Honey)


▲ Open the Sealed Fairy's Wing to obtain a Fairy.
▲  You will get a Fairy of a random tier. 
▲ Feed the Fairy with all types of gear, Black Spirit's Claw, and/or Sweet Honey Wine so she can level up and give you some buffs.


■ Fairy Rebirth

If you do not like the skills that your Fairy has, you can make her reincarnate and refresh her level and skills. There are two types of Fairy Rebirth: Growth Rebirth and Persona Rebirth. The Growth Rebirth will reset the Fairy level to 1 and will remove all the skills she has. The Reinbirth cannot be reverted.

The Persona Rebirth will change the Fairy’s voice type into a different voice type. The Fairy will get a random different voice type among the five voice types , and will keep her level and skills.

In order to reincarnate your Fairy, you need to unsummon the Fairy first and then click on the “Rebirth” button in the Fairy menu. The process will require an item called “Fairy Queen's Might”, which is a Pearl item.


▲ You can choose between Growth Rebirth and Persona Rebirth.
▲ Fairy Queen's Might is a Pearl item.


■ Sprouting and Releasing the Fairy

The Fairy’s Tier can be upgraded to the next tier via Sprouting. If the upgrade is successful, the Fairy’s level and skills will be refreshed and the upgrade cannot be reverted.

Each Fairy will get only one opportunity for Sprouting when she reaches the maximum level. The success rate will be different depending on how many materials you are using, and the rate can go up to 100%. If you decided to upgrade your Fairy when the success rate is not 100% and the upgrade fails, you cannot try for another upgrade unless the Fairy reincarnates and then reaches the max level again.

The materials for Sprouting are Sweet Honey Wine or Ornette's Dark Honey Wine. The success rate will increase when more materials are used. Sweet Honey Wine can be cooked using the necessary ingredients (listed above under the “How to Level up your Fairy” section), and Ornette's Dark Honey Wine is a Pearl item.

When going from Resplendent to Dazzling, 400 Sweet Honey Wine are required to make the success rate 100%. Ornette's Dark Honey Wine will give about 4% success rate each.


▲ You can increase the success rate up to 100% when upgrading the Fairy.
▲ Sweet Honey Wine and Ornette's Dark Honey Wine.


If you want to try opening another Sealed Fairy Wings instead of upgrading your Fairy, you can get Laila’s Petal again and get a new Fairy, in which case you will have to let go of your old Fairy first.

You can let go of the Fairy in the Fairy menu, and the Fairy will give you Fairy’s Powder as a farewell gift. The amount of Fairy’s Powder will be different depending on the Fairy’s tier and level.


▲ Click on the button, and the Fairy will give you some Fairy's Powder as a farewell gift.

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    level 1 Matej_Straka

    Finally a way to get rid of Sweet honey wine i stockpiled in bank! :)

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    level 1 Petrescu_Silviu


    Not sure which to choose the no penalty or hp/mp auto use on low.

    • 0

      level 1 IlIlllIlI


      No penalty? It doesn't say if the crystals go puff or not. Loosing 1%exp isnt worst than loosing 300mil in preordered crystals.

    • 0

      level 1 Frank

      @IlIlllIlI You will lose crystals.
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    level 1 Isteria


    Is there any xp chart for the different type of gear?

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    level 1 miguel-lomeli

    Lol. I look forward to even more enhancing :)
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    level 1 Medre

    Nice guide :) Will surely be helpful for people on EU/NA

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    level 1 Laggiing

    Thankfully the skills seem to be more quality of life than required skills

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    level 1 SpicyLeone

    Classic PA, hard to implement something new without a pearl item related to it :/

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    level 1 peashooter6

    Ugh, seems like it's going to be awful to get enough honey for leveling unless you buy it in the cash shop.

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    level 1 Suyino


    Anyone know if you can get the petal from gathering?

    • 0

      level 1 Phartona


      Yes, you can get the Petal from gathering.

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    level 1 Karin_Sowa

    I can't wait to find her!!!

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    level 1 Milen_Genchev

    What is better, upgrading ferry level or letting go the old one and opening a new ?

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    level 1 JMacmanaman

    That really nice!!

    Now, i have hunt that wild beehive, cause no more on marketplace

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    level 1 JMacmanaman

    NA Top-Quality Cooking Honey Pre-Order, that's really .....
  • 0

    level 1 LeNigh

    Really nice and detailed guide. Is there any chance you guys make sort of a tier list of what to feed the fairy. Best exp/money and viability/practicability maybe

  • 0

    level 1 leboulanger007

    Are there any files available to listen to the 5 different voices for the fairy? I wouldn't want to gamble away a voice I'm not sure about for a worse one :x

  • 0

    level 1 Shyany_BDO

    Is possible to see another Fairy type before I release old one? Or I must first release old one and than start roulette for new one Fairy? So I will not know if I get better or worst? Because It is written "before registration" and I don't have an idea what state is "before registration" :) - when you open new petal or when you give the name to Fairy?

  • 0

    level 1 Isteria

    The guide is misleading as to where the rifts spawn. As per the KR patch notes they spawn randomly in Balenos / Serendia / Calpheon / Kamasylvia and Drieghan and not outside the Kamasylve Temple.

  • 0

    level 1 Frank

    None of these convenience buffs are particularly good. The desert debuff can reapply within 5 seconds of drinking water/tea, so you would have to hotbar it anyway. I have luck maxed out, makes hardly any difference with rng. I hardly ever use a pot, and considering how little the standard ones heal you, I wouldn't be using at the point where I had very low hp. Breathing under water for long helps if you don't have the cash for a shark/ fish suit. I don't die in pve, and your crystals will still break even if you have the instant res. Weight penalty reduction isn't going to enable you to grind longer, your attack speed will still be affected. The only thing I found useful was it being a lightbulb at night.
  • 0

    level 1 Diego_Alonso

    What is better, upgrading ferry level or letting go the old one and opening a new ?

    Milen_Genchev- 2018-04-11 09:52:02

    If its not T3 or T4 dont even spend food on her.

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