Saving your Contribution Points #2 : Choose the Most Efficient Worker Lodging


There are many ways to use your Contribution Points in Black Desert Online. You can invest your CP in the Nodes or borrow weapons, but you will be spending a lot of CP on buying storages and Worker Lodging. We have posted a guide on choosing the most efficient storage in our last article, and this guide will be about choosing the most efficient worker lodging. 

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A lodging is considered as "efficient" is you can get one or more space per 1 CP. For example, if you used 3 CP to get 5 lodging spaces the lodging is efficient. If you spent 10 CP to get 8 lodging spaces, than the logding is not much efficient. The efficiency varies a lot depending on which house you are buying, so you must be very considerate when buying a house.

As mentioned in the guide about buying Storage spaces, even if there is a certain lodging with high efficiency there can be cases where you have to buy another building in order to get the one you want.

This makes fiding an efficient lodging more difficult. There aren't many lodgings that are highly efficient, and not all buildings have a logding available. If you have to buy another building to unlock the one you want, the CP consumption becomes very inefficient. The tables below will show you all the CP you need in order to buy a lodging.

The buildings that you have to buy as a prerequisite are written in gray. The Ratio in the tables below means the value of [Lodging Slots]/[Required CP]. The ones that are especially efficient are highlighted in blue, and the ones that are inefficient (the ratio is over 2.00) are written in red. The buildings that are the most efficient in each town will appear at the top. We hope you can save your CP with this guide. 

※ Use Ctrl + F to find the territory or village that you want. 
※ The lodging in Duvencrune will be updated later.  


◆ Olvia 


◆ Velia 


◆ Heidel 


◆ Calpheon 


◆ Altinova 


◆ Valencia 


◆ Grana 


◆ Port Epheria 


◆ Keplan 


◆ Glish 


◆ Trent 


◆ Tarif 


◆ Said Grain Bazaar 


◆ Shakatu Camp


◆ Ancado Inner Harbor 


◆ Arehaza


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