Farming Memory Fragments with Boss Summon Scrolls

Memory Fragments are used to restore the max durability lost after enhancement failures. It’s common to use Memory Fragments instead of the same gear when the gear is rare and expensive.

Hundreds of Memory Fragments are used up when you enhance your gear many times. We can’t talk about enhancement without mentioning Memory Fragments. They’re the bread and butter of Black Desert Online.

Memory Fragments are usually obtained through daily attendance, the Black Spirit’s Adventure, and/or summon scrolls. Among the different ways to get memory fragments, using the summon scrolls is probably the best way. Unlike daily attendance and the Black Spirit’s Adventure, summon scrolls grant you more than one fragment at once.


▲ Continued attendance from the 30th day to 35th day will give you one memory fragment a day.
▲ You will get one memory fragment when you return to the starting area. 


But the best way to get as many memory fragments as possible is to join the boss summon scroll party.

Join the Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll, Cartian Spell, and Pila Fe Spell party and kill the bosses to gain some Memory Fragments.

You can acquire them by opening the reward bundles you receive after completing the associated quests or by looting the bosses.


▲ loot memory fragments from the bosses.


[Types of Summon Scrolls]

Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll

You will need 5 Ancient Relic Crystal Shards to get the Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll. Arrange 5 shards in a X shape in your inventory to get the summon scroll.

The shards can be easily obtained in the level 50 and above spots near Calpheon, which include the Hexe, Mansha, and Rhutum area. Alternately, you can get the shards by fishing.

The Scroll will summon Org, Gehaku, and the Saunil Siege Captain, in that order.

Org is relatively easy to kill. Dodge the fire shots and you will be fine.


Gehaku uses dash attacks and knockback skills but does not have any skills that have a wide AoE.


The Saunil Siege Captain uses a knockback skill with a wide AoE. More patterns get added as the HP goes down.

Cartian Spell

You will need five Forbidden Books to get the spell. Arrange them in a V shape in your inventory.

Forbidden Books can be obtained in the level 52 and above spots near Mediah, including Marni’s 2nd Lab, Omar Lava Cave, Sausan Garrison, and Hasrah Ancient Ruins.

The Spell will summon the Abandoned Iron Mine Executor, Illezra’s Puppet, and the Skeleton King.

No complex patterns, but the jump attack has a wide AoE and can knock you down.

Will attack you with a big sword, which can knock you down when hit. Other than that, easy to deal with.

Run away as far as you can when the Skeleton King puts his hands on the ground and a dark aura appears around him. The skill has a wide AoE and will hit you multiple times.

Pila Fe Spell

You need 5 of the Scroll written in Ancient Language in order to obtain the Spell. Arrange them in a T shape in your inventory to get the Spell.

The Scroll written in Ancient Language can be acquired in the level 56 and above spots near Valencia, including Bashim Habitat, Cadry Ruins, Desert Naga Temple, Basilisk Den, Crescent Shrine, Sulfur mine, Pila Ku jail, Aakman, and Hystria.

Pila Fe Spell will summon two bosses, Magram and Khalk.

Magram’s right kick will knock you down, so attack from his left side or from the back. The jump attack is difficult to dodge but other than that, not very hard to kill.

Khalk will appear with bats and harpies. Unlike other bosses, Khalk will attack you from both air and ground. The attacks in the ground are not that dangerous, but you must be aware of his patterns once he starts flying. Dodge or guard when he rushes to the ground spinning.


Use the Scroll/Spell that will best suit your situation.

It is impossible to tell which Scroll/Spell is the best in terms of efficiency. Each Scroll/Spell has its own advantages and disadvantages. The Ancient Relic Crystal Scroll is easy to get and easy to complete. The Cartian Spell will grant you with more money, but is the most time-consuming one among the three. Lastly, the Pila Fe Spell is the most expensive and hard-to-get one, but will give you some good rewards in a shorter amount of time.

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