[Rift Rivals] KZ Khan: "I personally want to play against TheShy, a player that I'm pretty close with."

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Khan was his usual self -- radiating confidence -- when he walked into the airport. "I'm extremely honored that I'll be playing on behalf of Korea," he said. Then, as if he suddenly remembered something, Khan smiled and said, "Last time, I failed to keep a promise that I made with the fans. However, I still don't think that we'll lose this year." In the past, Khan garnered a lot of attention from fans due to his remarks towards the other toplaners from around the world. 

In addition, Khan said that "RNG and IG are extremely good teams. Also, I personally want to play against TheShy, a player that I'm pretty close with," but he did not fail to mention that his team is planning to perform better than TheShy's team. "We ended up playing in the Rift Rivals... There are no other goals aside from winning the whole thing." 

"I always carry certainty that we'll win," he said. Khan concluded the interview by cheering for the rest of the LCK squad. "I'll be competing in the Rift Rivals as a Korean representative. I hope that all of the Korean teams perform well on stage and win, not just us [in KZ]." 

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