[Rift Rivals] SKT kkOma on Faker vs. Rookie: "That is a matchup that I'm also very excited to see."

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SKT T1's head coach, kkOma, asserted his resolution that this year, he will not repeat the mistakes that he made back in 2017. "It was very unfortunate that we didn't win Rift Rivals in 2017. We won't repeat our mistakes. This year, I want to win," he said.  

Regarding SKT's matchup against LMS's M17 and LPL's IG on the 5th of July(KST), kkOma stated, "There isn't a specific team that I want our team to go against. I want to win against every single one that we face." kkOma continued, smiling, "In addition, I really don't want to lose to teams that have our former players within their roster." Currently, IG is employing Duke, a former SKT T1 player, as its toplaner. 

Although his ultimate goal is to win the tournament, kkOma mentioned that he simply wants to bring satisfaction to the fans through his team's performance. "Winning is important, but before I promise the fans anything, I want to show the fans how we've improved first." Then, kkOma shared his opinion regarding the hyped matchup between Rookie and Faker. "That is a matchup that I'm also very excited to see. We'll maximize our research and analysis on both 'Picks & Bans' and macro to bring back good results."

Lastly, kkOma gave some of his thoughts regarding the meta differences between the different regions. "I watched the games played by the other leagues. Each region has its own unique color [and style]. To add to that, every team within a region is preparing for the tournament in different ways. We'll have to make sure to thoroughly prepare ourselves in order to win."

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