[Interview] PraY: “We won’t get ganked since we have Ambition.”

Kim “PraY” Jong-in’s presence stuck out even amongst the best players from Korea. We had a little chat with ADC PraY.

Q. You’ve shown high performance in previous 1:1 matches. Are you confident that you’ll win it all this year?

A. I don’t think I have actually performed that well in 1:1 matches. Of course, I always want to win, but nothing always goes the way I expect. I do hope to have good results, though.

Q. Will you call on Ambition a lot to gang up on opponents?

A. Well, actually, there is a fearsome guy in the upper lanes. (Laughs) To put it in better terms, there’s an outstanding guy up there, so we’ll just stay put in a corner of the bottom, not getting ganked.

Q. Do you have anything to say to the fans who picked PraY?

A. This year, the turnout of voters wasn’t revealed to the public, so I don’t know how many did pick me. But I do think many fans picked me; that’s why I’m going. Thank you for letting me go with these awesome All-stars. Pick me again next year, too! (Laughs) Thank you.


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