[Interview] Faker: “My goal is to get past the preliminary round.”

Faker has kept his place in All-Star’s 5 slots this year as well. He was the only member from SKT T1 this year. We talked shortly with him as he was running to the airport.

Q. You’re in such a hurry. Did you sleep in? (Laughs)

A. I actually got up really early this morning, I wanted to get a haircut but the hair salon opened late.

Q. There were always two members from your team, but this year you’re the only one. Is there anyone you have some awkward tension with on the All-Star team?

A. Everybody’s awkward at the moment; I think I’m most awkward with Ambition, but we’ll get along soon, I think.

Q. Will you allow that awkward Ambition to take your blue?

A. No, he can’t. I believe that Ambition knows the difficulties of a mid laner, so he will make a concession.

Q. You always were cut off in the preliminaries at the 1:1 matches. Do you have a goal for this year?

A. This year, my goal is to get past the preliminary round. I guess I’ll make that my goal because it isn’t that difficult.

Q. Your fans say you look like the Korean actor Lee Jong-suk.

▲ The Korean actor, Lee Jong-suk

A. I’m actually worried about that, it might bring many anti-fans.

Q. Can we expect any special picks that only 'Faker' can make?

A. I’ll try hard to make interesting picks.


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