[Interview] Ambition: “I'll give Faker the first blue if he wants.”

There was a familiar face among the people leaving for LoL All-Stars. It was Kang “Ambition” Chan-yong, who is the jungler of the All-Star team, the oldest of SSG, and a Worlds 2017 champion. There wasn’t much time but we had a brief chance to talk to him.

Q. How did your wife react when she found out you had to go abroad again?

A. This time, it wasn’t as big a problem since we are going together (Laughs). Still, going abroad is a bit tiring.

Q. You’re the oldest within the All-Star team. How do you want to lead your teammates?

A. I haven’t put much thought into it yet. I think that everyone will do well on their own.

Q. Would you give Faker blue if he asks for the first blue?

A. It doesn’t matter. If he can take it, he will, and if the situation makes him not able to take it, I will.

Q. Do you have any jungle champion that you want to play at the All-Stars?

A. I think I’ll just play what I normally practice.

Q. Lastly, tell us your goal for this All-Stars event.

A. I think we have to perform well because we’re representing Korea. I’ll do my best to will all matches we play.


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