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[Interview] CuVee on who he’d like to fight: “I think that Hauntzer is one of the best top laners outside of Korea, so maybe him.”


On the 4th of December (KST), five members of the LoL Korean All-Star team showed up at the Incheon International Airport. We talked shortly with top laner Lee “CuVee” Sung-jin.

Q. Fans tend to think of eating when ‘CuVee’ is mentioned. Is there anything you want to eat when you get to LA?

▲ First, a sip of frappucino.

A. Well, I think of meat like steak or fast food because it’s the US. I want to have a lot.

Q. How do you think this All-Stars will go with coach Han Sang-yong and Ambition as leaders?

A. I know Chan-yong (Ambition) pretty well because we’ve played together for a long time, but coach Han Sang-yong is a bit scary (Laughs).

Q. There are many matches at the All-Stars. Are there any matches that you’re particularly looking forward to?

A. I’m looking forward to playing with Faker and the Prilla duo in the 5 vs 5 matches; it will be a new experience for me.

Q. Is there a top laner that you want to compete against in the All-Star matches?

A. I think that Hauntzer is one of the best top laners outside of Korea, so maybe him.


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