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[KR Reactions] FNC vs GAM: "When other nations watch our national soccer team play, is this how they feel?"




■ Picks and Bans

▷ FNC had a W-W-W-L-L-L-L record last year, right? Can they turn that around to a L-L-L-L-W-W-W-W this year? 
└ Lx4 Wx3+1(About to be)

▷Did you guys read sOAZ's Tweets?

└ Damn... he must've been really frustrated.
└ Can't believe he Tweeted that for the public to see.

▷Why does the Sejuani pick feel unconventional for GAM? Standard picks feel like cheese when GAM picks them.
└ Maybe it's top Sejuani...?
└ A Sejuani pick is considered unorthodox for them lmao. I love this team.
└ In the end, the standard is the best. Therefore, GAM goes for the standard picks.
└ Feels like GAM was just playing around in the past, and has become serious now. 
└ GAM having nothing up their sleeves is a twist in itself lol.

▷It seems like GAM going the standard route shook FNC up. Their teamfight potential is huge...
└ GAM: "Everything we've done so far was a fake! Our best strategy is playing the standard!"

▷I just saw a glimpse of FNC's future. They gave sOAZ a mechanically intense champion and gave Rekkles a team-buff-oriented ADC, Sivir. They gave sOAZ the keys to carry, and I'm pretty sure sOAZ will end up throwing. 
└ It's not just FNC picking whatever they want. They're picking these champions because GAM is making them.

■ Match Begins

▷sOAZ is beginning to "stack" again.
└ "Fnatic, after defeating IMT with all their might, ends up..."
└ ???: "Your top is sOAZ."
└ The skill gap in the botlane is pretty big though.
└ GAM is still in the game. The global gold differential is because of the tower. GAM can catch up and win because their team comp is pretty good.

▷Look at Sejuani maneuvering. 
└ Levi is Levi.
└ His mechanics are truly amazing.

▷This is like a TV show of sOAZ's life story, in which he grows and matures. The outcome will be...?
└ Wouldn't GAM win if they reach late-game? Every single champion in GAM's composition seems to be strong in the late-game...
└ Watching sOAZ reminds me of my toplane. 0/3/0
└ This game will end up like the IMT vs FNC match I feel. A single mistake by Rekkles will end up costing FNC the game.

▷ I really can't tell. GAM doesn't feel like they're at a disadvantage when considering their late-game team comp. Due to Gnar's struggle in the toplane, GAM is buying a lot of time.

└ The Sejuani feels lackluster. Late-game Sivir is also a big threat.
└ All is well for GAM, except for the fact that they don't have the standard Ardent Censer. On the other hand, FNC has a scary late-game ADC with a support Lulu...
└ GAM's entire composition was built to take down Rekkles. GAM knows that their ADC isn't up to par with Rekkles, so they built their comp like that. Their Rakan was picked for the: Maokai+Sejuani+Rakan engage to kill the enemy ADC. Even if Tristana died, they would've taken Sivir with them.

■ Fnatic Wins a Teamfight Near Baron

▷Did sOAZ finally wake up? lol.
└ sOAZ at his prime.
└ EU games are so unpredictable lol.
└ sOAZ buying time for Syndra was really good.

▷Today's MVP is sOAZ. Whether it's for good reasons or not, all the games played today were dependent on sOAZ.

▷Optimus' missed Shockwaves... In the end, Orianna is the one to...
└ I don't think even Silver players could mess up that big.
└ If Orianna managed to at least one-man ult on Sivir or Syndra, GAM might've won...
└ Their composition is so good, yet they throw away their opportunity with one Shockwave and deny the win.

■ When GAM and FNC Trades Inhibitors

▷Because it's the botlane inhibitor, isn't this advantageous for GAM?

└ I'm going insane over here. I can't predict anything.
└└ And that's why this game is so fun to watch lol.
└ Every 30 seconds, the other team takes the lead. This is a fight to the death.

▷Even the casters gave up trying to analyze this game... This game has gone crazy.
└ If you flinch, you lose! 
└ When other nations watch our national soccer team play, is this how they feel?

▷What is up with those Shockwaves! lol.
└ Bronze Orianna... no need for the R button.
└ Orianna hard-carry.

▷???: "Did you doubt me?"

└ sOAZ MVP lol.
└ This - is - Europe!
└ FNC wins!
└ FNC was 0-4, and sOAZ was also 0-4... he's Fnatic itself. Can't believe they turned it around like this though. 
└ I feel like if FNC continues playing like this, they will make Finals! lol
└ And this year's Dade award goes to... Optimus?

▷In the end, is it EU>NA?
└ FNC owes LZ lunch.
└ IMT just had to win one game... just one game. 
└ Report Orianna for trolling.
└ L-L-L-L-W-W-W-W... is this some sort of a movie?
└ There are more teams like FNC - the teams who lost all their games during the 1st week. Fenerbache and EDG lol. We'll have to wait and see.
└ Longzhu won all of their games, yet their spotlight is taken away. They may have won their games, but they didn't win the fans' attention. 
└ I don't think even a professional gambler could've predicted this outcome. 

▷"You can punch Orianna in the face and you'll still be found innocent.jpg" Did less damage than Maokai.

▷Shout his name! King-God-OAZ
└ I honestly thought FNC was going to be fourth in the group. Who would've thought that "so-low-as" would end up being "so-high-as"?

▷sOAZ finally woke up lol. And on the other hand, what the hell was that Orianna?
└ He ulted the air how many times? He ulted the air how many times? He ulted the air how many times? He ulted the air how many times? He ulted the air how many times?
└ Optimus, don't play Orianna.
└ To enjoy the scent of the World Championship back home, Optimus collected air with his Shockwave. 


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