[KR Reactions] LZ vs GAM: "I want to give GAM honor after seeing that game."


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On the 1st day of the 2nd week of Worlds Groups, GAM and LZ had their fierce clash atop the Summoner's Rift. 

Many expected a swift game in favor of LZ, but through the utilization of Zilean and Rengar, GAM pushed LZ to their limits. In the end, however, LZ maintained their winning streak, by showcasing their superior late-game teamfighting. 

GAM was one of the few teams that shook LZ to this extent and almost had them taste their first defeat. Therefore, they were praised. The following are reactions from the Korean fans regarding that match.



▷Damn, Longzhu is insane. Every single player is exceptional on that team.
└ GAM did pretty well too.
└└  They may have lost, but they played well.
└└  It's a shame that Zilean lost focus as the game went on.
└└  Good showing, GAM. It's not an exaggeration to call them the 2nd 'ANX'. 

▷LCK is making me cuss out loud. What the hell is wrong with the Korean teams? SKT and LZ, they seem to win games that seem impossible...
└ GAM's only mistake was playing against LZ. 

▷How did LZ become such a strong team...
└ LZ is not a top team.

▷I honestly didn't expect anything from this match, but despite my expectations, it was super fun lol. GAM's drafts were the "real deal". As seen from the SKT and LZ matches, I'm really seeing why the Korean teams are so highly regarded as the best. I sincerely hope for the best for all three LCK teams.
└ Same here. I expected boring matches, but surprisingly, all of them were entertaining. 
└ GAM played really well. If there aren't any upsets, I think GAM will be able to make it to quarters. I want to continue seeing their interesting picks.

▷Near the top inhibitor, Bdd played out of his mind. Then, when there was a fight near the blue buff, PraY was playing out of his mind... Also, I want GAM to qualify for quarters. Their picks and bans were fantastic, and their macro in the early-game was like art. It's just that their opponents happened to be LZ. If they played anyone else, they would've most likely won that game.
└ It was Cuzz's barrel that was insane near the top inhibitor. Of course, Bdd also did well by flanking and catching people.

▷ GAM, let's go to quarters!
└ Fnatic is probably shaking from fear. They probably suffered countless heart-attacks...
└└ When the Nexus popped during IMT's game, I'm pretty sure FNC's heart popped as well.

▷ I want to give GAM honor after seeing that game. 
└ Zilean's ultimate could've been used better near the end there, but let's be honest, it's hard to use Zil's ult in the late-game, especially when everyone explodes so fast. 
└ King-Byte Marines! Let's go to quarters! I want to see more of your games!
└ What an amazing match. Both teams deserve an applause. 


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