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[KR Reactions] The dramatic reversal between IMT and FNC: "sOAZ's counter-carry was no match for Cody Sun"


▲ Source : lolesports.com flickr

The 3rd match in Week 2 of the League of Legends World Championship completely defied expectations.

When the match was going in favor of Immortals, Fnatic pulled off rather reckless tactic of focusing on the Nexus right after winning the teamfight. As the first two matches were too extraordinary, Korean fans are also showing their dumbfounded reactions after seeing this strange result.

Below is the Korean community’s reactions before and after the teamfight on the bot lane, which was the beginning of the reversal.



▷ It seems that Fnatic will win for sure
└ sOAZ: got Orianna’s ult


▷ Immortals throwing so hard right now, why do they dive when the enemy has Janna?
└ Cody Sun flashing forward rofl
└ Jesus, no Ardent Censer is just not working lol
└ What the hell is with Trist? Double suicide?
└ Rofl NA and EU as always
└ Cody Sun >>>>>>> sOAZ, sOAZ is no match for Cody Sun
└└ Who flamed sOAZ? Lol


▷ Fnatic wins! Rofl
└  sOAZ wins! Rofl
└└  EU with xPeke style as always!
└ One win that feels like the victory for the whole tournament lol


▷ So much fun when you watch others fighting
└ Trist just ended the game
└ Fnatic will get flamed less in the EU as they defeated the NA
└ NA vs EU is always the most fun matchup
└└ Fnatic is the true lord of the EU, I approve their level of play and fun, which are both above G2 and Misfits


▷ GAM now has a chance to enter the quarterfinals
└ GAM to the quarterfinals if they beat Fnatic lol


▷ The level is too low for the main event, don’t you think? Look at the matchup between Cody Sun and sOAZ. Trist’s last decision surely was a bonehead play.
└ It’s the typical scenery of the Worlds main stages, nothing surprising here
└└ That was… a decision which threw the entire game, he could just save the flash, and survived that moment, but W forward? Give me a break.

└ So fun to watch nonetheless
└└ It surely is fun to watch, but imagine Korean teams doing that, you would get stressed out to death
└└└ I’m not a fan of a particular team, so it would still be fun to watch

└ That’s because you have higher standards after watching the LCK, it’s the same thing as other countries flaming about the Korean soccer team in the World Cup
└└ With all due respect, would you not compare this with that? I bet you have never watched Korean soccer, it’s worse than Rampage

└ The level gets higher when it goes to knockout stages, but before that… not so much with group stages
└└ But I expected a lot as they have done qualifiers in the past, but what Trist did is not understandable at all, did he really not know that surviving is way more important than getting Cass?
└└ They should have killed everyone to stop the game from ending but they didn't so gg lel
└└ Both Ez and Trist would’ve survived if she jumped backward, Ez had E, it just makes no sense, the best possible scenario is that Ez kills Cass AND escapes while Trist dies


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